Our current strategic plan is the result of a comprehensive SWOT analysis and conducted facilitated discussions that resulted in a set of strategic goals for the Council. Using these goals as a starting point, the HSC Secretariat has developed specific objectives and actions aimed at their realization. These were further refined through a number of strategic planning sessions involved the Health Sciences Council deans.

We also are happy to provide our annual reports and infographics to highlight our progress toward meeting our strategic objectives.

2016-2021 Strategic Plan

HSERC Infographics

The Interprofessional Learning Pathway is an educational initiative of HSERC. Linked below are infographics summarizing some of the interprofessional learning experiences along the continuum from exposure, to immersion and integration.

INT D 403: Foundations of Collaborative Practice

INT D 410: Interprofessional Health Team Development

Interprofessional Learning Pathway Launch

Essentials of Collaborative Practice (ECP) Fall Electives

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