Information for UAlberta Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I study in ECHA?

There is ample study space located on floors L1, 1, and 2.  

Can I book a study room? How do I get the code for the key pads?

Right now there is no booking system for the study rooms, and the key code will be the same as the room number. These spaces are freely available for use by all students.

Can I book a classroom?

Classrooms can not be reserved or booked by students for studying / study sessions. All classrooms in ECHA are unlocked and students are welcome to use them with the understanding that if the room is booked, they have to move immediately. UAlberta libraries have rooms that can be booked by students for these purposes, see their policies and procedures here.

To book a classroom for a meeting etc. contact central booking here.

Can I post notices in ECHA?

There are two kind of bulletin boards in ECHA. Small cork boards near the elevators are reserved for use by Facilities & Operations and ECHA Administration. You may post to all other boards following the guidelines found here. Posters that do not meet these guidelines will be removed without notice. Poster may be billed for the cost of removing posters.

Can I have a locker in ECHA?

ECHA lockers are allocated to faculties, schools and departments who have administrative space in the building. These occupant groups are responsible for distributing locks to their students. Only students designated by these groups have access to lockers in the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy. Please contact your faculty directly to find out if you are eligible for a locker in ECHA.

Who do I contact if I lost something in your building?

Inquiring about a lost item? ECHA does not have a lost & found. Contact University of Alberta Protective Services by calling 780.492.2943.

Does ECHA have private accommodations for women to breastfeed/express milk?

Yes, please fill out this brief questionnaire and ECHA administration will contact you with more information.