About Us

The Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA) is one of two facilities that, together, represent a partnership between Alberta Health Services, the University of Alberta and the Government of Alberta designed to change how we deliver outpatient care, health sciences education and research in the province. Health care providers, educators, researchers and policy makers in Canada and around the world agree that our health care and health care systems require ongoing research if they are to evolve with the needs of the societies they serve. ECHA supports interdisciplinary research and interprofessional health team education; these essential collaborations bring a new kind of research success and collaborative leadership to our community.

Faculties, Departments, and Schools that call ECHA home

Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

Health Sciences Council

Medicine and Dentistry


Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Rehabilitation Medicine

School of Public Health

Women & Children's Health Research Institute

13 student associations and groups