Dr. Robert Haennel
Chair, Health Sciences Council
Dean, Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Stanford Blade
Dean, Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Pierre-Yves Mocquais
Dean and Executive Officer, Campus Saint-Jean

Dr. Paul Major
Professor and Chair, School of Dentistry
Senior Associate Dean, Medicine & Dentistry

Dr. Neal Davies
Professor and Dean, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sean Chilton
Vice President Health Professions & Practice
Alberta Health Services

Dr. Greta Cummings
Vice-Chair, Health Sciences Council
Professor and Dean, Nursing

Dr. Demetres Tryphonopoulos
Dean and Executive Officer, Augustana Campus

Dr. Kerry Mummery
Dean, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

Dr. Brenda Hemmelgarn
Dean, Medicine & Dentistry

Dr. Shanthi Johnson
Dean, School of Public Health

Dr. Alex Clark
Professor and Associate Vice-President Research