Client Services

We use innovative tools and spaces to create and deliver challenging simulation activities. The Health Sciences Educations and Research Commons houses 1,400 m2 of flexible space; offers a suite of simulation support services; and provides a suite simulation equipment to support experiential learning and large-scale competency assessments.
 Students partcipate in a contact precautions simulation

Contact precaution simulation

The Universal Patient room can be used to simulate a traditional hospital room/ ward or an isolation room.

Simulation support includes stocked crash carts

Proctor room

The Proctor Room functions as the Master Control Center allowing users to view all testing and assessment / recording activity in the center.

Simulation space

Bariatric / Specialized Care Suite

This space is appropriate for simulations involving patients with chronic conditions and special needs including, but not limited to, bariatric care, neurological conditions, and people with reduced functional mobility.

Surgical simulation

Surgical Simulation

The Critical Care room can be used to simulate an ICU, NICU, hospital emergency, labour/delivery room, operating room or procedure room.