BA Honors in Classics

Interested in the Honors Degree in Classics?

Joining the Classics Honors program will give you the opportunity to be part of a small cohort of students with similar interests and talents. You will have the chance to research and write a major project that reflects your main academic interests, and you will work closely with a faculty adviser/mentor. A Classics Honors degree will also strengthen your application to graduate school, law school, or wherever your life path may take you.

The deadline to apply is March 1 (this year, the deadline is extended to April 1). To apply, head to the very same page where you first applied to the U of A, and apply for an Internal Transfer.

Honors Classics students are allowed to take a higher number of courses in Classics, Greek, or Latin than those in the regular BA program. In your third or fourth year, you’ll take Class 503 (*1), which is a weekly pro-seminar exclusively for Honors Classics students. In your final year, you will research and write the Classics honors essay (*3), working closely with a professor in the department.

The full Calendar description of the Classics program is here:

For information about the requirements or the program, reach out to our Classics Honors Adviser, Dr. Frances Pownall (

We look forward to working with you!