Due to settling-in costs such as paying an extra month’s rent as a security deposit and purchasing warm clothing, textbooks and supplies, furniture and household items, a single student may spend up to $2000 during their first month in Canada.

Cost of Living Estimates

Your tuition and fees will depend on your program. Visit the following websites for estimates on tuition, fees, housing, and books:


The University of Alberta offers many scholarships for international students.

Verification of Costs & Fees Letter

If your home country's bank/government requires that the University provide a letter outlining the funds that you will require per academic year, you can download Verification of Costs & Fees Letter, fill it out, and send it to us at the International Centre. One of our international student advisors will be happy to handle your request and prepare a letter for you.

You may use the International Services Centre as your initial (three month) Edmonton address so that the bank in Edmonton can notify you by mail when your funds have arrived.

Student Connect can guide you in finding the financial resources necessary to fulfill your academic objectives. They are able to advise all students including undergraduate, graduate, professional, international and out of province students; offering walk-in service at our front desk, phone and email advising to help you with your finances!

Bringing Family...Budget Considerations

Your decision to bring your family with you when you come to Canada will depend on your financial situation and the ease of obtaining immigration documents for your family members. This table can help you estimate you annual costs to bring your family to Canada.

Annual Cost of Bringing Family/Dependants to Canada
   First Dependant Additional Dependants (Each) 
Cost  $4,000 ($CAD)  $3,000 ($CAD)

This does not include childcare expenses, which average between $600 and $900 per child, per month. Given this, you may wish to arrange for your family to come at a later date, after you have familiarized yourself with life in Canada and are satisfied that enough money is available to support them.

Some students with sufficient financial resources may prefer to apply for immigration documents for family members at the same time as they apply for their Study Permit. If your family members are denied visas, this may affect your decision to study in Canada.