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Fitness is all about creating the best individual experience for each one of our participants. With our team of Accredited Fitness Professionals, we offer unparalleled access to education, participation, and contribution to all things Health and Fitness! We have services, equipment and expertise to safely and quickly get you to your goals and strive to ensure everybody is given the opportunity to live a healthy, strong and balanced life. Whether you enjoy individual conditioning, need nutritional advice or find your stride with group exercise - we've got something for you!

Fitness | Group Fitness Programs


Group fitness classes offer a huge variety of formats, personalities, times and locations - everything you need to put your health first and stay active!

REMEMBER: All classes are available for ALL levels.

Registration is open until the start of the third class to secure your spot, but you can always Drop-In for added flexibility and spice!
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Fitness | Friends with Goals


Everybody knows that working out with friends keeps you coming back week after week. If you don't currently have those folks in your life who will support and hold you accountable, you will certainly find them in one of these classes. Smaller groups, a sprinkle of teamwork and shared goals will bring a sense of community to your fitness class.

Small Group Training
Fitness | Individual Results


Stay on track with your personal health and fitness goals with one on one coaching. Whether you need help from a Certified Personal Trainer or Dietitian, you can count on our consultants to help you achieve the results you are looking for!

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Health Moves Fitness


A supervised exercise program for individuals living with one or more chronic health conditions. If you have recently completed a medically supervised rehabilitation program and are looking for the next step, Health Moves Fitness is for you!

With thoughtful planning of strength, endurance and balance training this class is designed to help you manage your pain, improve joint function, slow the progression of your condition and improve your overall quality of life. All programming is administered by a Certified Exercise Professional.

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NEW Student Package - Get Started Fitness PLUS

If you're interested in solo exercise or just need help getting started, our Fitness+ Plan can help. Working with a certified personal trainer, you'll learn how My Viva Plan will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

What you get:

  • A ONE HOUR Fitness Centre orientation with a certified personal trainer
  • Set-up on My Viva Plan WITH a 1-year subscription
  • COST: $180

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NEW Student Package - Get Started Nutrition PLUS

If you need advice on meal planning and healthy eating habits, our Nutrition+ Plan can help. Working with a dietitian, you'll learn how My Viva Plan will help you reach your health and lifestyle goals.

What you get:

  • A ONE HOUR session with a dietician to discuss your nutrition habits
  • Set-up on My Viva Plan nutrition profile WITH a 1-year subscription
  • COST: $205

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