First-Year Courses

On this page, we offer information about our first-year course offerings in Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Statistics. Please consult with your program advisor if you have questions about which of our courses are acceptable for your degree program.

For information on obtaining credit in a course without actually registering in and taking the course, please visit the Credit by Special Assessment page.

To view course descriptions and to obtain scheduling information, please consult one of the following course catalogs:


The Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences offers the following first-year calculus courses:


  • MATH 117 and 118 must be taken by Year 1 students in Honors in Mathematics, Honors in Applied Mathematics, Honors in Mathematics and Economics, and Honors in Mathematical Physics. MATH 117 and 118 are strongly recommended for Year 1 students in Honors in Mathematics and Finance. For more information, please visit the Honors Courses page.
  • Students taking PHYS 144 must take MATH 117 or MATH 144 as co-requisite. Students taking PHYS 146 must take MATH 118 OR math 146 as co-requisite.
  • Students can switch between non-Engineering streams after having taken a Calculus I course if they wish. 
    • A student can take any of MATH 136, MATH 146, or MATH 156 after having taken any of MATH 117, MATH 134, MATH 144, or MATH 154.
    • Students wishing to take MATH 118 after having taken MATH 134, MATH 144, or MATH 154 can do so with consent of the Department.
  • Any of the Calculus II courses are accepted as pre-requisites for MATH 214, Intermediate Calculus I.


Linear Algebra

 We offer the following first-year courses in Linear Algebra:



We offer the following introductory Statistics Courses:

              COURSE REMARKS:


Math 102, Applied Linear Algebra


Restricted to Engineering students.

Year 1 Engineering students typically take this course in the Winter term.


MATH 125, Linear Algebra I


Taken by most non-Engineering Students.

  MATH 127, Honors Linear Algebra I

Taken by non-Engineering students interested in pursuing further study in mathematics; provides a rigorous and abstract approach to linear algebra.

This course can be used to replace MATH 125 (but not MATH 102).

Must be taken by Year 1 students in Honours in Mathematics, Honours in Applied Mathematics, and Honours in Mathematics and Economics. Strongly recommended for Year 1 students in Honours in Mathematics and Finance.

Offered only in the Fall term.

For more information, please visit the Honors Courses page.








Math & Stat Help

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Course Registration Inquiries

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            STAT 235, Introductory Statistics for Engineering


            Taken by Engineering Degree Program students.


           STAT 151, Introduction to Applied Statistics I


         For non-Engineering students, unless interested in Business or Econ.


          STAT 161, Introductory Statistics for Business or Economics


         For non-Engineering students with interest in Business or Econ.