The academic staff affiliated with the MA in Communications and Technology are engaged in disciplinary research connected to the theme of organizational uses of information and communication technologies. Information about their specific research activities within their full research profiles.

Core MACT Faculty

Gordon Gow Thomas Barker Rob McMahon
  • Social media
  • Mobile and wireless communications
  • History of telecommunications
  • Public safety communications
  • Canadian communication policy and regulation
  • Canadian communication history and theory
  • Technical and professional communication
  • Public health risk communication
  • Human communication
  • Teaching and program administration
  • Public policy communication
  • Research methods

  • Community informatics research and practice
  • Indigenous peoples and ICT
  • Telecommunications policy and regulation
  • Digital media and infrastructures
  • Policy advocacy
  • Rural, remote and Northern communities and ICT
Stanley Varnhagen


  • Use of technology in instruction
  • Applied educational research
  • Program evaluation
  • Participatory evaluation
  • Educational technology
  • Evaluating and researching learning and instructional tools
  • Interactive instructional technologies (e.g., Internet)
  • Individual differences and cognitive development
  • Applied research methods
  • Research ethics