Medical Genetics Clinic

The Medical Genetics Clinic, located in the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Alberta, provides comprehensive clinical medical genetics services to prenatal, pediatric and adult patients.

The Clinic contains a team of health care providers who work together to care for patients and their families. Medical geneticists are expert in offering diagnostic services, medical recommendations and treatment options for those who have genetic disorders. Genetic counselors specialize in education and resources about these conditions to patients and their families. Patients with inherited metabolic conditions receive ongoing care from other specialized health care providers in the Clinic including metabolic dietitians.

The service area encompasses central and northern Alberta. Telehealth services are offered for appropriate appointments to eliminate the need for patient travel. A network of Community Genetics Nurses is also available in specific communities for certain appointment types.

Clinicians work closely with other specialists to ensure comprehensive care for clinical genetics patients, who often have complex medical needs, including participating in inter-disciplinary clinics. They also provide educational resources to medical departments and general community groups wishing to learn more about the services they offer.

Contact the Medical Genetics Clinic

For questions, please contact the Clinic's main reception at 780-407-7333.

To make an appointment, a referral from a health care provider is required and can be faxed to 780-407-6845.