The explosion of big and dynamic data in research areas related to neuroscience and mental health has been accompanied (and advanced) by rapidly developing technology in data-intensive analytic applications.

In the NMHI, the Neuroinformatics Initiative (NI) has assembled a diverse group of researchers who are engaged in developing, deploying, exploring and adding leading-edge analytic approaches to their research and training activities.

The NI member research areas span a broad spectrum of neuroscience and mental health topics. Accordingly, members include mechanistic and clinical researchers, as well as clinician scientists. A motivating goal is to enhance opportunities for research and clinical synergies through innovation and collaboration.

The NI in NMHI Vision: To enhance research, clinical, and training synergies in NMHI by supporting integration of new data science and analytic technologies in addressing a variety of neuroscience and mental health challenges. Building on a formidable foundation, we generate innovations in discovery, diagnosis, intervention, prevention, and precision health application in numerous neuroscience and mental health fields.