Supplementary Precepting Resources

There are many other great precepting resources available online. Feel free to review these resources to further support you in your precepting role.

Models for Providing Feedback
  • This video reviews facilitation and debriefing techniques that preceptors may find useful.
  • Ask-Tell-Ask Video: this model updates the ‘sandwich method’ with a focus on engaging the learner to understand their intentions, share your observations, provide non-judgmental feedback and get commitment for the future.
  • Receiving and giving effective feedback (resources from University of Waterloo).
  • CORBS model (Clear, Owned, Regular, Balanced, Specific) of feedback (handout).
  • CSHP Webinar - Sometimes, I Just Don't Know if I'm Getting Through-Principles of Framing & Delivering Effective Feedback for Pharmacy Residents. You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the presentation, and you will also be required to enter your email address.
Preceptor Development Webinars

Preceptor Connection: Precepting Struggling Students 
Presented by Dr. Ann Thompson, Director, Experiential Education, Clinical Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Session details: This session outlines factors that may contribute to students struggling and discusses strategies preceptors can use to support learners in difficulty.
Video (54 min), Dec. 5, 2023
Presentation Slides

Preceptor Connection: Library Resources that puts Information at your Fingertips and Searching Refresher - Session for Students AND Preceptors (Community Edition) (57 min), August 30th, 2023, (AHS/Covenant Edition) (55 min), September 6, 2023

Have you ever wondered if you could be more efficient with searching for literature? This session will go over the tips and tricks of conducting basic searches (for clinical practice) and advanced searching (for research). Grey literature will also be covered as an alternative resource for finding information relevant to community pharmacies. Preceptors will also learn about the advantages of having access to U of A library resources and services! 

Here is the slide handout (Community Edition)Here is the slide handout (AHS/Covenant Edition).

Presented by Dr. Teri Charrois, Director of Practice Skills and Innovation, Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Session details: This session will discuss the 5 strategies from the first 2 sessions and student perceptions of decision-making and the role of their preceptor. Finally, examples of scenarios of difficult situations will be discussed to bring together everything that was covered in the sessions. The handout to the session is HERE.

Session 2: Modelling Comfort in Decision-Making when Ambiguity Exists (12 min), February 23, 2022
Presented by Dr. Teri Charrois, Director of Practice Skills and Innovation, Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Session details: Building upon session 1, preceptors will have the opportunity to share experiences with (1) debriefing after deferral, (2) forward planning and (3) reframing uncertainty. The handout to the session is HERE.

Session 1: Modelling Comfort in Decision-Making when Ambiguity Exists (49 min), November 17, 2021
Presented by Dr. Teri Charrois, Director of Practice Skills and Innovation, Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Session details: Evidence shows that pharmacists and pharmacy students hesitate to make clinical decisions in ambiguous situations. Research also shows that when pharmacy students see role-models, preceptors, and mentors make clinical decisions in ambiguous situations, they develop confidence in these situations. As such, we want to help you develop skills in role-modelling decision-making to help improve your students’ confidence. Over this three session series, you will learn teaching methods to help you model clinical decision-making in practice. Strategies include: (1) debriefing with students, (2) forward planning as you think about implications of decisions, and (3) engaging your student in their thought process. The handout to the session is HERE

Expanding community pharmacist's roles in Hepatitis C through the use of point-of-care testing: presented by Dr. Christine Hughes, Klaudia Zabrzenski, and Katherine Kolasa on November 26, 2019. Presentation recording no longer available. Presentation handout here.

Learners in Difficulty - When placements don't go as planned: presented by Janice Yeung BSc(Pharm), PharmD, Lecturer and Director of the Office of Experiential Education at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of British Columbia. Recording no longer available. The presentation slides review a framework to analyze a student in difficulty and learn strategies for managing and supporting the student to resolve identified problems. 

Preceptor Update on the Entry-to-Practice PharmD Program: Presented by Jill Hall and Ann Thompson on October 10/11, 2018. The presentation handout provides an overview of the components of the new PharmD program, implemented in fall 2018. It reviews the on-campus and experiential components of the program, rotation development opportunities, and resources available to preceptors. 

Teaching Strategies
Other Preceptor Development Web-Based Courses
  • Dalhousie University Preceptor eLearning Course - This web-based course provides additional useful information about precepting. It includes a video clip of a student perspective on Preceptorship, including the role of preceptor, important attributes of a preceptor, student expectations of his/her preceptor and even advice for preceptors.