Supplementary Precepting Resources

There are many other great precepting resources available online. Feel free to review these resources to further support you in your precepting role.

Preceptor Development Webinars:

Other Web-based Courses:

  • Dalhousie University Preceptor eLearning Course - This web-based course provides additional useful information about precepting. It includes a video clip of a student perspective on Preceptorship, including the role of preceptor, important attributes of a preceptor, student expectations of his/her preceptor and even advice for preceptors.

Teaching Strategies:

Teaching Skills for Pharmacy Practice Educators

  • The Teaching Skills Handbook, prepared by the Office of Experiential Education, UBC, explores topics such as how we learn, preparing to teach, teaching with patients, observation, feedback and assessment.

Advocacy Inquiry Video

CSHP Webinar

  • View Webinar - Sometimes, I Just Don't Know if I'm Getting Through-Principles of Framing & Delivering Effective Feedback for Pharmacy Residents. You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the presentation, and you will also be required to enter your email address.