Student Assessment

Completing student assessments is an important part of precepting. The Early Assessment of Student and the Midpoint Student Performance Assessment are formative assessments used to promote student learning and document progress. That is, they provide information about the student's progress to date and an opportunity to discuss his/her achievement, as well as areas in need of improvement. The Final Student Performance Assessment is summative and is designed to summarize the student's performance at the end of the placement.

Assessment & Evaluation of Students: A Guide

For your convenience, we have created an Assessment & Evaluation of Students document that outlines information regarding student performance assessments, formative assessments, course evaluations, and policies and procedures regarding struggling students. This document is meant to assist you with the various types of student assessments and contains helpful tips, resources, and information to make assessing your student(s) easier and clearer.

Experiential Education Student Performance Assessments Video

Dr. Ken Cor, Assistant Dean Assessment and Accreditation, has developed a 14 minute video (updated Oct 2017) entitled Experiential Education Student Performance Assessments to assist you in understanding the following:

  • how the educational assessments are designed
  • the reasons behind certain design features of the assessment tools
  • how the assessments should be completed

Frequently Asked Questions

Preceptors often have many questions about completing student assessments. The Faculty has compiled a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" and some guiding remarks regarding student assessments: Understanding Assessment for Preceptors - Frequently Asked Questions