Adjunct Faculty

Michael Fleischauer
Fleischauer, Michael
National Institute for Nanotechnology
(780) 641-1705
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Development and use of in-situ operando electrochemical, structural, mechanical, and spectroscopic techniques to understand the influence of dynamic real-world conditions on energy storage materials and systems (e.g. lithium-ion batteries).
Wayne Hiebert Hiebert, Wayne
National Institute for Nanotechnology
Condensed matter physics.
Roland Kothes

Kothes, Roland
Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory

The study of magnetic fields in supernova remnants, pulsar wind nebulae, and the Milky Way Galaxy through radio polarimetric observations. Early star formation in the Cygnus X region.
Lawrence Le Le, Lawrence
Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, University of Alberta

Research Transition Facility
(780) 407-1153

His primary research interest is ultrasound imaging of bone tissues relevant to patient care. This includes basic research, development of innovative imaging techniques, and clinical validation. His research involves multi-disciplinary methods to solve medical-related problems, spanning from ultrasound physics, biomedical engineering, signal processing, image processing, artificial intelligence, 3D image vision and fusion, prototype development, to electronics.

Marek Malac Malac, Marek
National Institute for Nanotechnology
Condensed matter physics.
Gil Porat

Porat, Gil
5-269 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering
(780) 492-5383
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Laser physics and applications, ultrafast and nonlinear optics, metrology, and tests of fundamental physics. In particular, frequency comb laser development, optical frequency conversion, and quantum sensing of magnetic fields.
Don Robinson Robinson, Donald
0414 Cross Cancer Institute
780) 432-8761
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Multi-modality Image registration and fusion, motion induced image artifacts, intensity modulated radiotherapy, conformal radiotherapy, dosimetry, radiobiological dose response modeling, inverse treatment planning, plan optimization and brachytherapy dose optimization.