Support Staff

General Inquiries
CCIS 4-181
(780) 492-5287


Support staff

Administrative Personnel

Name Title CCIS Office Office Phone Email
Brown, Alexis Space Physics Program Coordinator 3-238 amachura
Bruha, Joanne Department Administrative Coordinator 4-197 (780) 492-5875 jmbruha
Chan, Suzette Administrative Assistant to the Physics Executive 4-201 (780) 492-1052 suzette.chan
Administrative Assistant to the Davis and LeBlanc research groups 3-149 chwelos
Foster, Kyle Undergraduate Lab Coordinator L1-183 (780) 492-3097 kdf
Johnson, Holly Graduate Program Advisor 4-187 (780) 492-1072 physgrad
Kaminsky, Kirk Undergraduate Program Advisor 4-185 (780) 492-1070 physugrd
Kidd, Sara Wolkow Group Administrative Assistant (780) 492-4908 skidd
Morrish, William Undergraduate Lab Coordinator wmorrish
Wang, Jia (Amy)

Department Administrative Coordinator

4-188 (780) 492-6219 jia7


Technical Personnel

Name Title CCIS Lab or Shop Office Phone Email
Cameron, Jordan Machinist L2-259 (780) 492-3524 jjcamero
Davis, Paul Particle Physics Electronics Technician L2-277 (780) 492-7402 paul.matthew.davis
Freeman, Benjamin Particle Physics Mechanical Design 2-114 brfreema
Garen, Craig Woodside Group Biochemical Physics Technician 3-139 cgaren
Gibson, Graham Astronomical Software Developer gwgibson
Gill, Manvir Specialist Technician L1-059 manvir3
Guirguis, Adel Particle Physics Mechanical Design Technologist 2-092 aguirgui
Ilkiw, Herbert Particle Physics Measurement Technologist 2-092 hsilkiw
Ko, Youngtak Engineering Technologist (Particle Physics group) L2-277 (780) 492-7402 youngtak
Maunder, Adam Particle Physics Electronics Technologist L2-277C amaunder
McLaren, Darryl Machinist L2-259 (780) 492-3524 mclare1
Junior Mechanical Design Engineer perricon
Popowich, Greg Specialist Technician L2-328 (780) 492-4917 ggp
Rangen, Michael Particle Physics Electronics Technologist L2-277C mrangen
Raul-Omar, Carli Software Developer, Rosolowsky Group raulomar
Rogers, Taylor UGL Technician L1-191C (780) 492-1076 tsrogers
Roth, Lorne UGL Technologist L1-191B (780) 492-1076 lroth
Schrandt, Michael CARISMA Field Technician 3-244 schrandt
Soluk, Richard Particle Physics Detector Technologist 2-089 (780) 907-4516 rsoluk
Tamre, Tamesgen  Software Developer, Rosolowsky Group


Walburger, Lindsey Machinist L2-259


Are you a staff member or supervisor with updates to this list? Contact Suzette Chan.