Igor Boettcher Boettcher, Igor
CCIS 3-193
(780) 492-5692
Group website
Theoretical physics, condensed matter theory, quantum field theory.
Massimo Boninsegni Boninsegni, Massimo
CCIS 3-185
Group website
Theoretical condensed matter physics, quantum many-body problems, superconductivity, superfluidity, Bose condensation, quantum Monte Carlo simulations, computational physics.
Nassim Bozorgnia

Bozorgnia, Nassim
CCIS 2-089
(780) 492-8078
Group website

Dark matter theory, dark matter direct and indirect detection, stellar streams, cosmological simulations.
Daniel Charlebois Charlebois, Daniel
CCIS 3-189
(780) 492-4573
Group website
Computational & experimental biophysics, mathematical biology, synthetic biology: antimicrobial resistance, bioelectromagnetics, gene regulatory networks, machine learning for medical diagnostics, microbial evolution experiments, phenotypic heterogeneity, stochastic simulations.
Kim Chow Chow, Kim
CCIS 3-187
(780) 492-4573
Group website
Novel properties of quantum bulk and nanomaterials.
Claire Currie Currie, Claire
CCIS 3-094
(780) 492-1062
Group website
Geodynamics; lithosphere structure; mantle dynamics; evolution of convergent plate margins; continental tectonics; numerical modeling.
Andrzej Czarnecki Czarnecki, Andrzej
CCIS 2-101
(780) 492-5510
Group website
Phenomenology of gauge interactions, searches for new physics.
John P. Davis Davis, John P
CCIS 3-199
(780) 248-1410
Group website
Our group combines low-temperature physics with advanced nanofabrication and state-of-the art measurement techniques to explore a variety of physics. Roughly half of the group is focused on using cavity optomechanics to explore the quantum realm and produce new quantum technologies, and the other half on superfluids in restricted geometries (quasi-2D), but we also have many other projects including a superfluid gravitational wave/dark matter detector and advancing cryogenic techniques. Our students go on to exciting careers in quantum technology and top-notch post-docs.
Mathieu Dumberry Dumberry, Mathieu
CCIS 3-093
Group website
Earth and planetary magnetic fields, Earth's rotation and gravitational field, global geodynamics and planetary dynamics, dynamo theory, planetary rotation, exoplanets.
Rodrigo Fernandez Fernández, Rodrigo
CCIS 2-093
(780) 248-1098
Group website
Theoretical & computational astrophysics, transients & compact objects.
Mark Freeman Freeman, Mark
CCIS 3-195
(780) 492-4130
Group website
The physics of nanomagnetic and nanomechanical systems, development and application of sensitive measurements of individual nanostructures (ultrafast optical microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, nanomechanical magnetometry), use of advanced nanofabrication methods to create nanosystems
Valeri Frolov Frolov, Valeri
CCIS 3-091
(780) 492-1075
Group website
Classical and quantum gravity, black hole physics, gravitational physics in a spacetime with large extra dimensions, quantum field theory in a curved spacetime, cosmological defects, wormholes & time machine problem, role of quantum effects.
Doug Gingrich Gingrich, Doug
CCIS 2-097
(780) 492-9501
Group website
Experimental high energy particle physics, phenomenology of quantum gravity, phenomenology of superstring theory.
Jeff Gu Gu, Jeff
CCIS 3-107
(780) 492-2292
Group website
Regional crust and mantle seismic structure analysis, induced earthquakes, global seismic imaging.
Aksel Hallin Hallin, Aksel
CCIS 2-087
(780) 492-3516
Group website
Galactic dark matter, measuring neutrino properties, solar neutrinos and geoneutrinos.
Hegmann Hegmann, Frank
CCIS 3-197
(780) 492-7852
Group website
Condensed matter physics, ultrafast nanoscale quantum dynamics, ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy, terahertz scanning tunneling microscopy, terahertz pulses, terahertz photonics, nanomaterials, charge transport, biological effects of terahertz pulses, femtosecond lasers, optics, photonics.
Moritz Heimpel Heimpel, Moritz
CCIS 3-092
(780) 492-3519
Dynamics of planetary interiors, theoretical and numerical modelling of fluid dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics applied to planetary atmospheres and interiors.
Craig Heinke Heinke, Craig
CCIS 2-109
Group website
Astronomy, astrophysics, black holes, neutron stars, X-ray binaries.
Natalia Ivanova Ivanova, Natalia
CCIS 2-107
(780) 248-1899
Theoretical studies of interacting binaries: mass transfer in binaries, common envelope evolution, stellar evolution codes, stellar hydrodynamics codes, population's studies, compact binaries in globular clusters.
Carsten Krauss Krauss, Carsten
CCIS 2-085
(780) 492-7610
Group website
Direct detection of dark matter, neutrino physics, low background detection of radioactivity.
Vadim Kravchinsky Kravchinsky, Vadim
CCIS 3-106
(780) 492-7464
Group website
Geophysics, paleomagnetism, petromagnetism, paleoclimate, environmental magnetism, magnetostratigraphy, tectonophysics.
Lindsay LeBlanc LeBlanc, Lindsay
CCIS 3-107
(780) 492-6562
Group website
Ultracold quantum gases, atomic quantum memory, atomic quantum computing, many-body physics, microwave atom-optics, quantum technologies.
Joseph Maciejko Maciejko, Joseph
CCIS 3-209
(780) 492-2149
Group website
Quantum condensed matter theory: topology and geometry of quantum matter, quantum criticality, strongly correlated electrons.
Ian Mann Mann, Ian
CCIS 3-213
(780) 492-6882
Group website
Astrophysics, experimental and theoretical research in space plasma physics and space weather, magnetometry.
Richard Marchand Marchand, Richard
CCIS 3-123
(780) 492-1061
Computational physics, physics of spacecraft interaction with space environment, ionospheric and magnetospheric physics, particle in cell (PIC) simulations, finite elements, structured and unstructured meshes.
Frank Marsiglio Marsiglio, Frank
CCIS 3-179
(780) 492-1067
Group website
Theory of high-temperature superconductivity, polaron physics, nanoscale superconductivity, strong electron correlations in solids, electron-phonon interaction in solids, spin current-induced spin-flip interactions.
meldrum-189x247.jpg Meldrum, Al
CCIS 3-201
(780) 492-5342
Group website
Condensed matter physics 
Roger Moore Moore, Roger
CCIS 2-083
(780) 492-4170
Particle physics, neutrinos, beyond the Standard Model.
Sharon Morsink Morsink, Sharon
CCIS 2-111
Group website
Neutron stars, relativistic astrophysics.
Don Page Page, Don
CCIS 3-121
(780) 492-4129
Cosmology and theoretical gravitational physics.
Alexander Penin Penin, Alexander
CCIS 2-103
(780) 492-9632
Group website
Perturbative quantum field theory and its application to particle and condensed matter physics.
James Pinfold Pinfold, James
CCIS 2-099
(780) 492-2498
Particle physics
Marie-Cecile Piro Piro, Marie-Cécile
CCIS 2-091
(780) 492-1074
Group website
Dark matter, R&D on detector technology, cosmic ray muons, coherent scattering of solar neutrinos (CEvNS). Our group focuses on addressing common detection challenges of rare event searches, adding the directionality channel, on microphysics to understand the detector's behaviour at low energy, and searching for new rare physics processes. 
Dmitri Pogosian Pogosian, Dmitri
CCIS 2-105
(780) 492-2150
David Potter Potter, David
CCIS 3-089
(780) 248-1972
Robert Rankin Rankin, Robert
CCIS 3-211
(780) 492-5082
Saeed Rastgoo

Rastgoo, Saeed
CCIS 2-095
(780) 492-9604

Classical and quantum gravity, black holes, cosmology, gravitational waves.
Erik Rosolowsky Rosolowsky, Erik
CCIS 2-115
Group website
Astrophysics; galaxy evolution; star formation; multi-wavelength observations with a focus on millimetre and radio wavelengths. Data and image processing; machine learning and statistical methods in astrophyiscs.
Wojciech Rozmus Rozmus, Wojciech
CCIS 3-124
(780) 492-8486
Theoretical and computational plasma physics.
Mauricio Sacchi Sacchi, Mauricio
CCIS 3-105
(780) 492-1060
Group website
Geophysics, Seismology, Seismic Imaging and Inversion, Compressive Sensing and Deep Learning for Geophysical Imaging, Diverse source and receceiver arrays for high-efficiency sensing.
Gregory Sivakoff Sivakoff, Gregory
CCIS 2-113
(780) 492-7992
Group website
Performs multi-wavelength astronomical observations (with a focus on radio, millimetre, and X-ray observations), data mining, image processing, and statistical methods to: study the stellar undead (white dwarfs, neutron stars, and stellar-mass black holes that return to life by eating a nearby star) and supermassive black holes; learn how these objects produce highly-focused very-fast outflows (relativistic jets), as well as how jets affect their environment; reveal the foundations of the burgeoning field of multi-messenger astrophysics; and maximize discoveries within both wide-field and targetted time-domain astronomy.
Bruce Sutherland Sutherland, Bruce
CCIS 3-269
(780) 492-0573
Group website
Geophysics, fluid dynamics, waves in stratified fluid, fluid-particle interactions, microplastic transport and settling.
Rick Sydora Sydora, Richard
CCIS 3-122
(780) 492-3624
Energy conversion and nonlinear processes in plasmas, physics of reconnecting magnetic fields, particle acceleration in plasmas (lasers, nonlinear plasma waves), turbulence and transport in plasmas, kinetic plasma simulation (particle and Vlasov methods).
Jack Tuszynski Tuszynski, Jack
CCIS 3-246
(780) 964-4517
Collective dynamics of cellular proteins, rational drug design for cancer chemotherapy, nonlinear models of pharmacokinetic processes.
Martyn Unsworth Unsworth, Martyn
CCIS 3-102
(780) 492-3041
Electromagnetic geophysics, plate tectonics, volcanology, geothermal energy.
Mirko van der Baan Van der Baan, Mirko
CCIS 3-090
(780) 248-1414
Signal processing, microseismicity and seismic wave propagation in anisotropic media.
Robert Wolkow Wolkow, Robert
CCIS 3-182
(780) 641-1725
Group website
Atom scale fabrication, physical principles of ultra low power electronic computation, atom scale chemical physics, highly coherent electron source studies, single atom ion source development, and quantum computing. Atom-defined silicon structures have enticing prospects for quantum sensing and quantum computing as well as for urgently needed, extremely efficient classical electronics.
Michael Woodside Woodside, Michael
CCIS L2-085
(780) 492-0293
Group website
Single-molecule approaches to biological problems: protein folding, protein misfolding/aggregation, RNA folding, relation of folding to function and disease, drug discovery for neurodegeneration and antivirals, molecular mechanism of drugs. Methods: optical tweezers, single-molecule fluorescence, mass photometry, ligand-binding assays, simulation and modeling.
Juan Pablo Yanez Yáñez, Juan Pablo
CCIS 2-081
(780) 492-1961
Group website
Experimental neutrinos physics. Special interest in neutrino oscillations, the origin of the neutrino mass, and physics beyond the standard model with atmospheric neutrinos. Research conducted within the IceCube Neutrino Observatory and the SNO+ Collaboration. Also working on the potential P-ONE experiment in Canada.