TLEF 2006 Adjudication Results


K Mundel, J Mouat Social Science,

Place-Based Learning: A Pilot Initiative at Augustana

Faculty of Arts

Community Service-Learning
S Dorrow

Supporting Practices of Community-Engaged Learning at the University of Alberta

C Fletcher
, C Cambre, Y Chia, S Dorow, S Gouglas

Visual Pedagogy, Community Service and Learning Outcomes in Visual Anthropology

C Heyes
, B Hunter

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Course Development: PHIL 488/PERLS 497: Thinking Through the Body-Philosophy/Yoga

Faculty of Education

Elementary Education
C Hickson, M Wilson

Engaging in Reflection and Inquiry About Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Faculty of Extension

S Varnhagen

Pilot Study on Using Formative Feedback for Course Improvement at the University of Alberta

S Varnhagen, M Adria, T Schindel

Pilot Project of ePortfolio Implementation at the University of Alberta

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Surgery/Cross Cancer Institute
C de Gara
, D Begg

Acquiring Procedural Competency

Student Affairs
V Yiu
, P Brett-MacLean

Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine Program: Development of Resources, Educational Initiatives and Networks of Practice

Faculty of Science

Biological Sciences
M Haag
, C Paszkowski

Learning to Write in the Discipline: A Project to Demonstrate to Students in Introductory Biology that Writing Can Serve as a Key Element for Learning

Student Services, Office of the Dean
B Leskiw
, G Loppnow

Science 100: An Integrated, Discovery-Learning-Based Science Experience for First Year Students

J Takats
, J Amaral, H McDermid

An INTense English Language Experience for International Graduate Teaching Assistance

InterProfessional Initiative, Health Sciences Council
S King
, C Ward, S Patterson, E Taylor, J Davies, M Carbonaro

Developing Learning Communities in an Interdisciplinary Health Science Course through Technology Integration