TLEF 2018-19 Adjudication Results


Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Sathya Rao, Martine Cavanagh, Laurent Cammarata, Eleni Stoulia ($29,570)

The Franco app: Turning the Francophone Community into a Sustainable Educational Resource for Second-Language Learners

Campus Saint-Jean

Martine Pellerin, Eleni Stroulia, David Vergote ($48,420)

Inclusive ways of teaching, learning, and assessing with the use of simulations and gamified mobile apps


Department of Educational Psychology

Sharla King, Melissa Skoczylas, Heidi Bates, Heather Bredy, Cori Schmitz, Deirdre Jackman ($49,556)

Integrating Interprofessional Education for Collaboration into Practicum Experiences for Health Professional Students

Medicine and Dentistry

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Ramona Kearney, Deena Hamza, Anna Oswald, Winnie Wong ($103,523)

Giving Feedback to Medical Education Learners: Understanding the "Failure to Fail" Dilemma


Lyn Sonnenberg, Charles Larson, Kumaradevan Punithakumar, Michelle Noga ($23,340)

Three-dimensional learning in congenital heart disease: Design and evaluation of an innovative curriculum


Manal Kleib, Deirdre Jackman ($11,509)

Integration of Electronic Health Record Simulation in Nursing Education

Rehabilitation Medicine

Occupational Therapy

Shaniff Esmail, Nathanial Maeda, Mary Roduta Roberts, Martin Ferguson-Pell, Pierre Boulanger, Mark Hall ($ t.b.a.)

Using Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to Enhance Students Practical Clinical Skills - Phase 2


Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

John Waldron ($61,667)

Visualization of geologic structures using 3D-printed models


Roger Moore, George Peschke, Vincent Bouchard ($118,338)

A Versatile Discovery and Engagement Tool for Mathematical Subjects