Options, Resources + Services for Those Who Have Been Subjected to Sexual Violence

The University of Alberta respects everyone's right to make their own decisions regarding their personal recovery after having been subjected to sexual or gender-based violence (SGBV). This document is intended to provide a non-exhaustive list of the various options available so that all students, staff, postdoctoral fellows and faculty can assist in making appropriate referrals upon receiving a disclosure or make informed decisions for themselves after experiencing sexual violence.

Individual reactions to sexual violence will differ greatly, and a person's decision about how to respond to an experience of sexual violence may change over time. Whether the result of a disclosure or a complaint, the University can assist with some of those responses, including providing academic, work or University residence modifications, safety planning, personal support, making a complaint or other options that meet the goals of the Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Policy and related procedures.

The Options Navigation Network will be activated in early 2023 to provide students with assistance understanding what options might apply in their own situation. For those who need a more comprehensive and coordinated response. Students can contact the Office of the Dean of Students to get access to multiple options, resources and responses without having to approach each service separately. Employees can seek coordination through their HR Partner.

Where available, individuals who have been subjected to SGBV may seek voluntary nondisciplinary accountability or informal resolution options. In some cases, a facilitated resolution may be desired; however, it should be understood that mediation is not appropriate for situations involving sexual violence. Mediation is a conflict resolution mechanism that presumes all parties have an equal role in resolving a conflict. Sexual violence is not a conflict, but a harm inflicted on another person. Mediation introduces a significant risk of additional harm to the person to whom the violence was done and should never be considered an option in cases of sexual violence.

Personal Support

Personal Support
Counselling - University resources Sexual Assault Centre located at 2-705 Students’ Union Building Students and employees
Counselling and Clinical Services Students
Clinical Services, Faculty of Education Anyone
CSJ Counseling Campus Saint-Jean students
Augustana Personal Counselling Services Augustana students
Counselling - Employee Family Assistance Program

Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Homewood Pathfinder Interactive Dashboard

Postdoctoral Fellows Assistance Program (PDAP): Postdoctoral Fellows at the University of Alberta and their eligible dependents can access counselling directly and at no cost. No referral needed – contact Homewood Health Solutions  directly. Postdoctoral Fellows
Graduate Student Assistance Program (GSAP): Designed to assist all graduate students with a variety of personal issues and includes personal counselling. Graduate students
Contact Homewood Health  or the Health and Wellbeing Resources for Employees (EFAP), PDAP, or GSAP Administrators  for any questions relating to the Assistance programs) Employees, postdoctoral fellows or graduate students
24/7 mental health support

Empower me Mental Health Resources toll free 24/7 Line 1-833-628-5589; students can access a number of professionals with various domains of expertise, including psychology, psychotherapy, social work, etc., to support students and respond effectively to diverse needs. Students can access services via telephone, videoconference, or in person

Undergraduate students covered by the SU Health Plan
Spiritual support Interfaith Chaplains’ Association Employees and students
Augustana Pastoral Counselling Augustana employees and students
St. Joseph’s College  (SJC) Campus Ministry provides free counselling with our campus ministers. SJC residents, SJC students, and U of A students, regardless of their religious background.
Academic support Academic Success Centre Students
Other University resources Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights Employees and students
Peer Support Centre Students
First Peoples’ House contacts, location and hours FNMI students
Indigenous Student Services FNMI Augustana students

Residence Services

  • Resident Assistants (RAs) are specially trained student staff who can connect students to campus resources and respond to after-hours emergencies. 
  • Residence Coordinators (RCs) are full-time staff members living in various residences to provide support and guidance both to residents and to student staff.

Information and Hours for Residence Services Offices

To contact an RA or RC after hours, check the on-call number for your residence.
Students living in residence
Counselling - community resources

Canadian Mental Health Association Edmonton

Call 780-482-HELP (4357) to talk to someone right away, 24 hours a day. An Online Crisis Chat service is also available. Both services offer a safe, confidential, one-on-one conversation

The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton  offers both individual and group counselling to survivors of sexual violence as well as a 24 hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line staffed by well- trained volunteers. Anyone
The Saffron Centre  is a sexual assault centre in Sherwood Park that offers help to victims of sexual assault, specializing in crisis intervention, therapy, & education. Anyone
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Medical attention University Health Centre: A full-services walk-in medical clinic. Students and immediate family members, employees
Alberta Health Services : Students and employees can locate the closest hospital 24 hour emergency room or walk-in clinic by using the Alberta Health Services Health Care Locator . Anyone
Camrose Community Health Centre Briarcrest : Public health services. Anyone (Camrose)
St. Mary’s Hospital , Camrose, AB Anyone (Camrose)
Emergency sexual assault Care

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

STI testing and treatment

Sexually Transmitted Infections Clinic : Results are provided by phone or in person about 10 days after testing.

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Safety planning University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS): Visit UAPS in-person or call to arrange a time to visit. One of their Peace Officers will work with you to build a plan that addresses safety concerns specific to your situation. Students and employees
Sexual Assault Centre Students and employees
Transportation assistance


Safewalk Students and employees, North Campus
University of Alberta Protective Services Escort Service, call 780-492-5050 Students and employees, North Campus and CSJ
Paladin Security , call 780-563-0067
An after-hours private security company under contract to the University of Alberta. Paladin patrols the Augustana Campus Monday through Sunday from 10 pm to 4 am. Report any suspicious activity to Paladin Security. Call Paladin if you would like an escort to your parked vehicle.
Students and employees, Augustana Campus
Interim measures

Office of the Dean of Students

Where person who caused harm is a student

Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights or Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment

Where person who caused harm is a staff member
Faculty Relations, Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights, or Human Resource, Health, Safety and Environment Where person who caused harm is a Faculty member
Office of the Vice-President (Research and Innovation) Where person who caused harm is a postdoctoral fellow

Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights or doscases@ualberta.ca

Where status of person who caused harm is unknown
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Contact the Office of Advocacy and Wellbeing.
Where the person who caused harm is a Clinical Academic Colleague
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Academic, Work or University Residence


Academic Modifications.
Examples may include:

  • Extensions on assignments
  • Exam deferrals (including graduate student candidacy exam and thesis defence)
  • Switching classes
  • Moving to part-time status
  • Voluntary leave from program
  • Assistance switching programs
  • Switching graduate supervisors or labs
  • Assistance for graduate students changing the composition of their supervisory
Students who have experienced sexual violence or any person who has received a disclosure can make a request for academic modifications. A student can make the request directly to the person who has authority to grant it, such as:
  • The Professor who is responsible for the academic work where a modification is sought
  • Faculty Student Services Office
  • The Assistant Dean, Associate Dean, or Dean in the Faculty
  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Where a student is seeking assistance in determining who to request a modification from, an initial request to a staff member or administrator within the student’s Faculty or College, or to the Office of the Dean of Students will be directed to the appropriate staff, who will then work directly with the student involved, such as:
  • Sexual Assault Centre
  • The Dean of Students: students can email or visit the 5th floor in the Students’ Union Building and ask to speak with a staff regarding academic modifications. The Dean of Students office will liaise with the student’s Faculty
  • Office of the Student Ombuds
  • Academic Success Centre
  • Accessibility Resources
Undergraduate and graduate students
Modifications to living arrangements on campus

Relocation to another University residence or Dissolving residence contract with a pro-rated refund.

Students living in residence should speak with their Resident Assistant (RA), Residence Coordinator (RC), or the Housing Office to request a move to another room within the same residence or another residence building.

The RA on-call contact information for each residence is posted throughout each individual residence community.


The Safe House Program can provide short term, safe (up to two weeks) accommodations while working with university staff who can assist students to address any issues that impacted their living arrangements. To access the Safe House program, students, faculty, or staff making a referral should contact either the Sexual Assault Centre, the Office of the Dean of Students (780-492-4145) or the Residence Coordinator on call (780-220-0302) in Residence Services. Any of these offices candetermine if a student meets the eligibility for Safe House and perform an intake.

Students, faculty or staff at Augustana should contact the Student Experience Coordinators (780-781-0305) or the Office of the Dean of Students.

Assistance in dissolving an off-campus tenancy agreement

The Residential Tenancies (Safer Spaces for Victims of Domestic Violence ) Amendment Act is legislation that allows victims of domestic violence to end a tenancy early and without financial penalty.


Work modifications. Examples may include:

  • changes in work assignment, hours, location, and/or supervisor
  • voluntary leave of absence


Employees seeking work modifications should contact their management supervisor to enter discussions with either Human Resource, Health, Safety and Environment or Faculty Relations on appropriate modifications.


Graduate students who are seeking modifications to Graduate Assistantship positions should contact the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) or
Human Resource, Health, Safety and Environment

Graduate students
Postdoctoral Fellows who are seeking modifications should contact the Postdoctoral Fellows Office or the Postdoctoral Fellows Association (PDFA).
Human Resource, Health, Safety and Environment
Postdoctoral fellows
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Special Continuing Academic Colleagues
Modifications to recreational activities

Contact the administrative head for the unit responsible for the activities. Some examples include:

Students and employees
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Complaint, internal

Options may include:

  • Making a complaint for immediate investigation
  • Reporting an incident for information only
  • Requesting that normal timelines be extended
Email the Office of the Dean of Students or visit 5-02 Students’ Union Building, where the respondent is a student Anyone
Office of the Provost, copied to Faculty Relations, Where the respondent is an AASUA member (Faculty, FSO, APO, Librarian, ATS, or TRAS) Anyone
Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights, where the complainant and/or respondent  is a NASA staff member Anyone
Senior Officer - Employee and Labour Relations, where the respondent is MAPS or excluded staff (position currently vacant) Anyone
Office of the Vice-Provost (Research and Innovation), where the respondent is a Postdoctoral Fellow Anyone
Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights for information on where to submit complaint where the status of the respondent is unknown Anyone
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry where the respondent is a Special Continuing Academic Colleague Anyone
Report to local law enforcement


Anyone wishing to make a report to local law enforcement should contact either:

Anonymous disclosure



Students, staff, and faculty may choose to make an anonymous report through the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights using their Online Disclosure Tool . Students and employees

Edmonton Police Service Report a Sexual Assault online


Students and employees can request that the Sexual Assault Centre submit an anonymous police report on their behalf. The name of the reporter will be kept confidential at the Sexual Assault Centre, and the report goes to Edmonton Police Service (EPS).

Students and employees
Non-disciplinary accountability or educational options

Contact the Office of the Dean of Students to learn about other accountability options that don’t require a complaint.

Contact the SVRC to learn about other accountability options that don’t require a complaint. Students and Employees
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Other resources + Services

Other resources and Services
Reporting worrisome behaviour Helping Individuals At Risk: HIAR encourages the campus community to recognize and report at risk behaviours of those at risk of harm to self or others to help connect the individual to resources before a situation escalates. Students and employees
Neutral third-party advice Office of the Student Ombuds provide information, advice, and support to students who have encountered a problem or are in crisis. Students
Augustana Campus Ombuds
Location: 1-106 Augustana Library
Augustana students
Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights Students and employees
Advocacy, representation and/or advice Students’ Union (SU) Undergraduate students
Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) Graduate students
l'Association des Universitaires de la Faculté Saint-Jean (AUFSJ) (version Française) Campus Saint-Jean students
Augustana Students' Association Augustana students
Postdoctoral Fellows Office Postdoctoral Fellows
Non Academic Staff Association (NASA) NASA members
Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta (AASUA) AASUA members
Student Legal Services Anyone
Resource connection Wellness Supports Students
Email the Student Care Coordinators to help coordinate services or connect to other resources Students
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Institutional Accountability

Institutional Accountability

Barriers to access in policy or procedure

Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights and/or Sexual Violence Response Coordinator Anyone within the scope of the SGBV Policy

Perceived deficit in University response

Vice-Provost and Dean of Students, or Associate Vice-President, Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment, or Faculty Relations, and/or Sexual Violence Response Coordinator Anyone within the scope of the SGBV Policy

Suggestions for improvement

Sexual Violence Response Coordinator Anyone within the scope of the SGBV Policy
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