Electronic Health Systems Part II: Integrating Data into Practice


COURSE Description

Healthcare systems have more data available than ever before. Using data to lead change requires appropriate data interpretation and communication, as well as strategies to guide change management, implementation and evaluation. This course will provide tools and skills that can be used to support change, both large and small, within the healthcare system. Appropriate for clinicians, administrators, and practice leads. By the end of the course, the learner will understand how to use data to drive improvement within their healthcare setting.

COURSE Times & Format

Part II may be taken as a stand-alone course. If you are planning to take both parts I and II it is recommended that you complete part I first.

The course is delivered using a distance format via e‐class external (The University of Alberta's online learning platform) and consists of five modules to be completed within six weeks. This course is delivered asynchronously meaning there is no requirement to be online at a specific class date and time.

Upon successful completion, participants will be issued a faculty digital certificate noting the number of educational hours.

Now registering for the course running September 18 - October 28, 2023.

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  • Understand the concept of the learning health system and how it supports ongoing
  • Understand how data can be used at every level of a change project
  • Explore practical tools that facilitate change within a healthcare system

COURSE learning objectives

  • At the completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the elements of a learning health system
  • Use the Knowledge-to-Action Framework for problem identification
  • Understand how to plan a change project
  • Understand how to monitor and evaluate change
  • Apply learning to a case study

COURSE facilitator

Alyson Kwok graduated from the Physical Therapy program at the University of Alberta in 2004 and began working in the Neurology program at the University of Alberta Hospital shortly afterwards. She moved to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (GRH) in 2009, where she worked clinically for several years before transitioning to the Healthcare Improvement Team. As a Healthcare Improvement Specialist, Alyson has led quality improvement, implementation, and clinical research projects throughout the GRH. In addition to her roles within Alberta Health Services, Alyson has helped to teach Neurological Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta since 2008 and recently completed her Master of Rehabilitation Science degree.

The online course content is delivered 100% asynchronously meaning there is no requirement to be online at a specific class date and time. Participants can complete the learning activities in a place and time of their choosing. Content is accessible twenty four (24) hours-a-day from any location with an internet connection.
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Course Offerings
Now registering for the course running October 3 - November 14, 2022
There are no grades for this course. Instead, students receive a complete or incomplete score based on satisfactory completion of the course. To successfully complete the course students are required to work through all learning activities and achieve 60% on all the knowledge check quizzes at the end of each module. Students are given unlimited quiz attempts and can challenge these at any time throughout the course.
Upon successful completion of each module participants will be issued a faculty digital certificate noting the number of educational hours.
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