These clinically relevant, highly focused sessions are delivered by experts in each respective area and are offered in a flexible distance-based format. The intent behind the webcast offerings is to deliver easily accessible continuing professional education directly to your home or work.

Register for A Webcast

Step 1 - Payment

  • Select the payment tab for the webcast you are interested in viewing.
  • On the U of A payment webpage, you'll be asked to enter demographic information and your payment information.
  • Once payment is received you'll get an automatic receipt to the email address you used to register.
  • If the receipt for payment does not show up in your inbox check your spam folder.

Step 2 - Login 

  • Your webcast login information (username and password) will be emailed within 24 hours.
  • Your username will be the email you used to register for the event.

Step 3 - Link to webcast

  • A second email will be sent, with a direct link to webcast or webcast login screen
  • Here you can enter your email and password to enter the event.
  • Always check your spam folder if the emails do not show up.

If you experience any issues during the registration or login process email sdrefs@ualberta.ca.

Technical Requirements for Webcast

  • Participants will require a high-speed internet connection. 
  • A wired internet connection is recommended but a strong wireless signal, preferably 802.11N, will work. If audio and/or video is cutting out or buffering it is most likely due to an inconsistent or weak wireless signal.
  • The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers are supported.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you have experienced technical issues with viewing the webcast here are some recommendations:

  • Try a different web browser.
  • If you are having video playback issues (freezing or choppiness) use a hard line connection. A wireless connection may delay the speed of the video transmissions if it is weak. 
  • Access the webcast, pause the recording and wait until it has downloaded. This can alleviate video playback issues.
  • To increase the volume of the webcast increase the volume directly on your computer settings volume control.

Certificate of Attendance

Certificates of attendance are sent only if requested by email. Email your request to sdrefs@ualberta.ca and provide your full name and the name of the online event you attended. Only those who have registered for the session can request a certificate. For group registrations, the registrant must contact sdrefs@ualberta.ca on behalf of their group and provide the names of the participants.


If you have difficulties or if you are unable to access the web before the meeting, email sdrefs@ualberta.ca.