Click&Push Accessibility Inc.


In October 2018, the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab incorporated a social enterprise named Click&Push Accessibility Inc. as a spinoff member of the University of Alberta Accelerator at Enterprise Square.This project began with the goal of commercializing our Redliner and exertion mapping technologies, supported by the SMART Network Technology Innovation and Commercialization (STIC) fund and an award from Health City. Opportunities have been developed to create accessibility maps that incorporate data from Redliner and also enable both indoor and outdoor maps to be produced with information about accessibility for a wide range of disabilities and exertion data obtained with Redliner.

We have extended this venture to include bicycle users as well. The organization focuses on a bottom-up approach by employing co-creation groups for both wheelchair and bike. The hope is to tailor our technologies to the user.

Click&Push-Bike aims to provide route planning, performance optimization and real-time performance information to bike users and employs three core technologies to do so. These technologies are Redliner, exertion maps through our web application and an EMG algorithm that analyzes muscle contractions and determines muscle fatigue levels in real time.

Click&Push-Bike is currently exploring bikeshare programs and exertion mapping.

Municipalities, including Edmonton, are actively promoting bikeshare programs. To ensure an enjoyable experience for bikeshare clients, Click&Push-Bike provides a means for route planning based on physical capacity. This technology supports urban planners addressing the increasing diversity of cyclists in our cities.
Click&Push-Bike offers the opportunity to produce exertion maps for cyclists. An application integrates muscle fatigue and exertion data to optimize performance. To do so, the cyclist needs to match their metabolic reserves with the exertion challenges that remain on the circuit provided by the map.
Our application can also help cyclists to select their ideal route based off their metabolic reserves and the available exertion data, just as skiers select from blue-, green- and black-level runs.
Another exciting opportunity through Click&Push-Bike is to provide information for competitive cyclists, where the exertion levels of the circuit may be provided for planning and training purposes.