CCIS Floor

Walking across this floor should offer a sense of journey and discovery, like education itself. I would like for people to come, think, sit, and wonder—bridging their ideas and thoughts to what it is they have come here to study and what they see in the floor. floor artist Scott Parsons

Artist Scott Parsons designed the nearly 40,000 sq. ft. terrazzo floor for the Faculty of Science Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science.

The design is a collaboration with the ONPA and Flad Architectural design team. The principal organizing element Parsons utilized for the floor design was to treat the surface with overlapping and interwoven imagery to visually bring together the multiple fields of inquiry: Integrated Earth and Landscape Management, Nanostructures and New Materials, Resource Geosciences, Chemical Biology and Proteomics, Planetary Dynamics, and Physics.

To accomplish this, he began by searching out what we share in common. Art, like science, shares a deeply rooted bond in an emotional, if not spiritual, sense of awe, and artists, like scientists, often begin their work from careful observation. The world is full of expression and gesture if we remain receptive to the unexpected, the overlooked, or the forgotten.

The construction of the floor can be seen in the online photo album.

guide to the individual science icons displayed in the floor.