Message from the Chair - Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Chair of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Stephen Johnston shares a message with alumni.

Stephen Johnston - 21 September 2020

To the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences alumni family, 

Welcome to Alumni Week(end) 2020: Campus to Couch Edition. While we are meeting virtually this year, I am pleased to showcase some of the many remarkable things that our department has to offer.

Over the next week, I encourage you to explore the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences through virtual tours of our world-class museums Enjoy some of the more than 12,000 rock and mineral specimens from around the world that are housed in the Mineralogy & Petrology Museum, including meteorites from the furthest reaches of our solar system to diamonds erupted from deep within the Earth’s mantle. Next, take a virtual wander through our Paleontology Museum with its collection of fossils that span more than 600 million years of Earth history, from the trilobites that were amongst the very first multicellular life forms to the towering dinosaurs that formerly roamed Alberta.

Next, listen in on two Science Connects Webinars about some of the incredible research being done in EAS. Alison Criscitiello, executive director of the Canadian Ice Core Lab, explores what can be learned from ice cores retrieved from glaciers and ice sheets in Stories from the Ice: Perspectives from new Canadian Arctic Ice Cores. Then listen to Assistant Professor Joshua Evans on the issue of affordable housing in Community Approaches to Housing Affordability.

Thank you, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon. 


Stephen Johnston

Professor and Chair, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences