Scientific Training

Learning in the Faculty of Science means you will receive specialized scientific training in various areas of modern science.

What You Can Expect From Scientific Training

  • A quality education that is both challenging and innovative.
  • Opportunities to learn from professors who are recognized internationally for their contributions to science.
  • Opportunities to publish in scientific journals.
  • Hands-on learning experiences through field schools and specialized facilities.
  • Training and support to that teaches you how to engage in or direct research at the undergraduate level.
  • Access to undergraduate research courses and funded initiatives.
  • Interdisciplinary courses that encourage collaborations between different science disciplines.

Teaching Innovations

We encourage our professors and instructors to explore a variety of learning styles and teaching methods. We continue to be an innovative and progressive faculty offering quality education.

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Integrated Learning

The Faculty of Science is dedicated to the development of active and discovery-based learning experiences.

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Science Certificates

Students have the opportunity to enhance their education through a variety of certificates, which help to define a specific area of focus during the course of their degree program.

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