The Alberta Technical University Munich International Graduate School for Hybrid Functional Materials holds a variety of weekly, annual, and visiting speaker seminars and symposia.

ATUMS Seminar Series involve both regular ATUMS seminars and practice seminars.

Regular ATUMS seminars are typically held on Thursdays between 10:00-11:00 am in Chemistry E3-25 however are subject to change based on room availability and the availability of the ATUMS students.  Speakers include graduate students (Canadian and visiting German TUM students), invited guest speakers, and ATUMS Principal Investigators.

Practice Seminars are usually held 4-6 weeks before the Annual meeting.  Dates are times are dependent upon student availability. 

ATUMS Joint Symposia are held annually either in Canada or in Germany. The meetings are designed for investigators and student researchers from both groups to partner in discussion and research initiatives. Our next meeting will be held in Canmore, Alberta from November 10-15, 2019.

Our Career Development Series is a new, self-paced, series run by the Career Centre at the University of Alberta. Known as Transition to Career (T2C) students in the ATUMS program will complete 1 eClass course containing 4 modules, between 5-7 experiential learning activities, individual career advising and coaching sessions, and receive a co-curricular record of their participation in the program.