Program Overview

The ATUMS program consists of the following 9 items:

Core Program Requirements

Each ATUMS student is required to complete the program requirements from their Home Department. Please consult the websites for Chemistry, Physics, or Electrical & Computer Engineering for a list of core requirements.

Annual Meetings

Joint meetings will be held annually, alternating between Canada and Germany. All ATUMS students are expected to attend each meeting. The purpose of these meetings is to facilitate international collaborations and interdisciplinary research.

Supervision and Training or Undergraduate Students

Each ATUMS student (depending on their Home Department), will be offered a minimum of 1/3 teaching assistantship. This will give them the opportunity to grow their communication and mentoring skills by requiring them to train and supervise undergraduate students in the laboratories.

Technical & Soft-Skills Short Courses

The NanoFAB facility on campus is partnering with ATUMS to offer Technical short courses in various topics: XRD/XRF, EBL, CVD, etc.

Soft skills courses will be offered by MITACS, TEC Edmonton, and other PD opportunities provided through the U of A campus resources.

Classroom & Ethics Training

Most departments require 8-9 hours of classroom/ethics training. Please consult your Home Department for the Ethics Training required for completion of your graduate program.


Annual Reports

All ATUMS students will complete an annual report as part of their program. This report will be submitted to the ATUMS Program Coordinator no later than 12:00 pm (noon) on the appointed day:
  • June 30 of the current year for all second year or higher students and
  • August 30 for all first year students.

A template will be provided.

German Research Exchange Visit

As part of the ATUMS program, students will have the opportunity to live and work in Munich, Germany. Research exchange visits are normally 3 months in duration and the student must complete an German Research Exchange Application Form (available from the Program Coordinator).

Dissertation Completion & Defence

Once the dissertation and defense are complete the student will have completed the program.

Passport to Innovation

Upon completion of all requirements of the ATUMS Program, the student will receive a Passport to Innovation certification.