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Matthew Hardman

Degree program: Doctorate, University of Alberta
Supervisors: Thomas Stachel, Graham Pearson

Matthew has defined a new, robust graphical classification scheme for low-Cr crustal and mantle garnet. The classification is based on a compilation of published data and new analyses of samples that were provided by industry and academia. Matthew has immersed himself in geo-statistics and mentors all the DERTS students on the use and application of statistics with their datasets.


Hardman, M.F., Pearson, D.G., Stachel, T., Sweeney, R.J. (2018) Statistical approaches to the discrimination of crust- and mantle-derived low-Cr garnet - Major-element-based methods and their application in diamond exploration, Journal of Geochemical Exploration 186, p. 24-35

Bussweiler, Y., Brey, G.P., Pearson, D.G., Stachel, T., Stern, R.A., Hardman, M.F., Kjarsgaard, B.A., Jackson, S.E. (2017)The aluminum-in-olivine thermometer for mantle peridotites - Experimental versus empirical calibration and potential applications, Lithos 272-273,p. 301-314.

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