How to start your own spin-off company, and a listing of all current faculty of science associated spinoff companies.


The most visible demonstration of the value of the intellectual capital created by the Faculty of Science faculty, staff, and students is in spinoff companies. These companies create employment, attract investment, and provide economic return to Edmonton and Alberta.

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Company Name

Creation Date



Applied Quantum Materials
Designs and manufactures high-performance silicon-germanium and carbon-based nanomaterials. AQM's manufacturing methods assures economies of scale and product uniformity.
Jon Veinot
Avra Software Lab Inc. 1998 Commercialize computer & software services. Provides a mechanism for commercializing technologies discovered & developed by Software Engineering. H. Jim Hoover

DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. 2000 DriveABLE's innovative technology can help quickly and accurately in determining the driving competence of medically at-risk drivers. Barbara Carstensen 
FastTrack Technologies Inc./ Random Knowledge, Inc. 2003 Mathematical filtering of incomplete information for predictive purposes in fraud detection, network security and investing. Michael Kouritzin 
Grayflare  2017  Grayflare currently sells laboratory-tested optical blackout and laser barrier solutions for laboratory, research and other applications, and is expanding into imaging spectroscopy. Grayflare also provides optics consulting and design.

 Al Meldrum

IsoBrine Solutions Inc.
2003 This business is focused on providing service to the oil and gas industry in the analysis of water samples from oil wells. Benjamin Rostron 
L&R Wang Enterprises Ltd. 1990 Producers of Access Fat Conversion Activity Bar. Lawrence Wang 
MedRoad    Our mission is to use advanced technology solutions to enhance the health and quality of life of our clientele worldwide.

 Pierre Boulanger

MolecularYou    Provides in-depth molecular- level health insights.
 David Wishart
Nanolog Audio
     Richard McCreery
Nova Medical Testing
 2017    Liang Li
Onlea Corporation 2014  Onlea is a not-for-profit company producing flexible, mobile-friendly, interactive learning courses, educational experiences, and assessment solutions. Jill Bagwe 
PBR Laboratories Inc.
1984 Applies scientific expertise in toxicology, genetics, clinical biochemistry and microbiology to environmental and human health applications. Ram D. Mehta 
PFM Scheduling Services Corp.
2013 PFM Scheduling Services was created in the fall of 2013 and creates best in practice processes and tools to optimize rotation creation and management. Maurice Sevigny 

Quantum Silicon Inc.
2011 Quantum Silicon Inc. develops atomic scale, ultra-low- power computing devices designed to supplement or replace transistor-based integrated circuits. Ken Gordon 
Raylo Chemicals Inc. (Amalgamated
November 3, 2006 Gilead Alberta ULC)

1963 Organic chemicals, pharmaceutical products
(Amalgamated: Nov. 3/2006)
Matt Colomb 
Resolved Instruments
 2016  We are a scientific instrumentation company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our goal is to simplify experimental research by developing innovative, integrated systems.
 John Davis
Shanghai Shifang Software Co. Ltd.
2005 LogicSQL and its Concurrency Control Algorithm. Li-Yan Yuan and Jia-Huai You 
Sonolight Pharmaceuticals Corp. (Acquired by Altachem Pharma)
2000 An Alberta-based biotechnology company developing a portfolio of product candidates for the treatment of cancer by combining immunotherapeutic antibodies with chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, or immunoadjuvants.
Madi Madiyalakan 
TheraCarb Inc.
2001 Synthesis and use of bacterial toxin-binding molecules. R. Murray Radcliffe 
VaxAlta Inc.
2013 VaxAlta delivers safe, sugar-based, effective, affordable, and easy to administer livestock vaccines that eliminate the use of antibiotics, helping to improve animal quality of life and to produce better and safer foods. Christine Szymanski 
Wildlife Genetics International Inc.
1998 Commercial genetic analysis for applied and academic needs. David Paetkau 
10 Pi Corp.
2012 Technologies developed at the Alberta Innovates Center for Machine Learning.
48Hr Discovery 2017 Provides services in ligand discovery using an unprecedented turnaround time at a manageable cost.
Ratmir Derda

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