Space Research & Education

For decades, the Faculty of Science has been pushing the boundaries of space research and education, transcending the "Sky's the Limit."

With strength in microgravity science and planetary environment, astronomy and astrophysics, planetary materials science, and space physics and space environment, many science faculty, students, and alumni are major players on this out-of-this-world stage, serving critical roles on international missions and initiatives with, amongst others, NASA, the Canadian and European Space Agencies, and even the United Nations.

Through unique research and educational opportunities as well as involvement with the Institute for Space Science Exploration and Technology (ISSET), the Faculty of Science continues to build on long-standing excellence in space research to take advantage of emerging, cross-disciplinary opportunities, developing partnerships with other institutions, agencies, and industry.

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A view of the northern hemisphere of Earth from space with the sun peeking over the horizon.

World Space Week

October 4-10th

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Institute for Space Science, Exploration and Technology (ISSET)

ISSET leverages long-standing institutional excellence in space research to generate opportunities and to develop partnerships with other institutions, agencies and industry. ISSET also offers unique educational experiences, outreach programs, visiting professor positions, workshops and scientific meetings.

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Black holes / Astronomy / Cosmology

Earth observation



The tale of AlbertaSat

Space Physics

Technology and robotics

  • Development of visual-motor modules for planning and control, which are particularly well suited for space environments and remote robotic systems