Exploring Earth's Resources

Scientific Discovery On and Under Earth

Although the boundaries of scientific research expand past our planet and the galaxies beyond, there are countless valuable discoveries waiting beneath the very Earth we stand on.

The University of Alberta invests in areas of science including earth and atmospheric sciences, geology, geophysics, chemistry, and more to inform sustainable practices and economic development in Canada and to contribute to the global discourse pertaining to the use of Earth's natural resources.

Research Areas

a single blue diamond on a reflective black surface

Diamonds: Economic Driver of Canada's North

Visit our diamonds page to learn more about our work prospecting and excavating diamonds in Canada's North, specialized graduate programs in diamond research, and more.

a closeup on a pile of shiny chunks of coal

Economic Geology

Visit our economic geology hub to learn more about the work our researchers are doing with the economic and industrial development of the earth materials we excavate like coal, bitumen, copper, and more.

Clouds of steam billowing from geysers in front of a range of hills

Geothermal & Alternative Energy

Many researchers in the Faculty of Science champion sustainable practices when it comes to powering our planet. Visit our geoenergy hub to learn more about our work uncovering new, greener ways to harness Earth's power resources, including geothermal energy, solar power, biofuels, and more.

Learn More About Alternative Energy