Office of Education

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities Office of Education provides administrative support to academic units in the faculties of Arts, Education, Law and the School of Business. Our Office of Education offers consistent, high-quality, and personalized service to academic units in the College. We play an important role in coordinating program portfolios, teaching resources, facilities, and student services across the College with the goal of providing students and instructors with the best possible experience.

The key service functions of the Office of Education are:

  • academic integrity
  • course scheduling and timetabling
  • student systems

These functions were deemed suitable to move to the College because they would benefit from economies of scale and the potential to streamline processes while relieving administrative duties in our faculties. This work is a direct result of the valued consultation and conversations about process mapping undertaken with key stakeholders within each of the CSSH faculties.

The Office of Education is led by our Director (Office of Education).

Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity and Discipline Coordinator (AIDC) supports the academic discipline process by receiving reports of potential violations, coordinating all academic discipline cases and delivering programming on academic integrity. Discipline decisions will continue to be made by delegates of the faculty dean.

The Academic Integrity and Discipline Coordinator is Christine Whelan and she can be reached at

Course Scheduling and Timetabling

Within the Office of Education, the course scheduling and timetabling coordinators (CSTC) provide dedicated support to academic units in the CSSH, working collaboratively with academic and administrative leaders to construct a course timetable that best meets the needs of students (undergraduate and graduate) and professors. This team ensures that class scheduling, enrolment restrictions, space assignment and room booking procedures are documented and effectively implemented. They work proactively with Academic Units to resolve issues and continually improve processes.

While CTSCs work together to support all college academic units, each department has a primary contact:

Gayeung Doan

Art and Design; Music; Drama; East Asian Studies; English and Film Studies; History, Classics and Religion; Modern Languages and Cultural Studies; Philosophy; Media and Technology Studies; Arts WKEXP courses; Education; Community Service Learning (CSL)

Melissa Schafer

Business; Law; Anthropology; Economics; Linguistics; Political Science; Sociology; Women’s and Gender Studies

The course scheduling and timetabling coordinators can be reached at


Karsten Mundel

Karsten Mündel, Associate Dean, Education

Karsten Mündel has worked at the University of Alberta since 2004. He is currently Professor of Global and Development Studies in the department of Social Science at Augustana Campus. With a PhD in Adult Education and Community Development, his research and teaching has been multidisciplinary throughout his career. Karsten currently also serves as Provost Fellow, Experiential and Work-Integrated Learning. Most of his teaching has involved one form of experiential pedagogy or another and has often blended teaching and research in rural Alberta, Mexico and Cuba.

Vanessa Grabia

Vanessa Grabia, Director, Office of Education

Vanessa Grabia has been with the University for nearly 20 years, with a background in operational management, process redesign, and leading through change. During her time on campus, she has worked in University Governance, the Faculty of Arts, and most recently the Faculty of Education. Vanessa is focused on service excellence in support of both the student and instructor experience.


Christine Whelan

Christine Whelan
Academic Integrity and Discipline Coordinator

Melissa Schafer

Melissa Schafer
Course Scheduling and Timetabling Coordinator

Gayeung Doan

Gayeung Doan
Course Scheduling and Timetabling Coordinator