College Leadership

College Dean & Vice Provost, College of Social Sciences & Humanities

Marvin Washington

College General Manager

Kerrie Johnston

Interim Associate Dean, Education

Helen Vallianatos

Associate Dean, Research

Joanna Harrington

Executive Assistant

Jasmine Irvine

Office of Education

Director, Office of Education

Vanessa Grabia

Academic Integrity and Discipline Coordinator:

Christine Whelan

Course Scheduling & Timetabling Coordinators:

Gayeung Doan
Fatma Mohammed

Melissa Schafer


Program Coordinator

Holly Nichol

Office of Research

Director, Office of Research

Oliver Rossier

Strategic Initiatives

Indigenous Initiatives & Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Timothy Ira

Partnership Network

The partnership network in the College of Social Sciences & Humanities connects our faculties and college with the U of A’s administrative expertise and resources.

Alumni Relations

Program Leads

Desiree Kendrick (Education)

Jessica Kennedy (Business, Law)

Katherine Kupchenko (Arts)

Communications and Marketing

Senior Communications and Marketing Service Partner 

Kristofer Connor

Communications Lead

Lauren Bannon

Communications and Marketing Partners

Brea Elford (School of Business)
Priscilla Popp (Arts)
Scott Lingley (Education)
Sarah Kent (Law)


Director, Faculty Development

Katherine Millen Worré

Development Leads

Sarah Kowalevsky (Business)
Ellen Doty (Law)
Sean Mowatt (Education)
Lauren Patterson (Arts)


Associate Vice President (Acting)
Cristian Gonzalez-Paez 


Service Partners

Matthew Bergin (Education, Law)
Meghan Campbell (Arts, Business)


Senior Finance Partner

Melanie Corrigan

Finance Partners 

Patrick McConnell (Arts)
Joanne Ng (Arts)
Michele Wilanowski (Arts)
Yuliia Malanych (Business)
Vivien Liew (Education)

Human Resources

Senior HR Service Partner (interim)

Stacey Brennan

HR Partners

Megan Cribb (Business, Law, PLLC)
Sweety Simon (Arts - Humanities)
Memory Brenzan (Arts - Social Sciences)
Jennifer Truong (Arts - Fine Arts, Dean's Office, Centres/Institutes)
Valerie Hunter (Education)

International Service Partner

Giovana Bianchi 


IT Service Partner

Rob Washburn


Senior Research Partner

Heather Young-Leslie

Research Partner (SSHRC Partnership & Insight Grants)

Craig Taylor

Research Partner (Creative Arts & Research-creation)

Ayantika Mukherjee

Research Partner (Business, Law & Research in French)

Sylvia Ijeoma Madueke

Student Services 

Enrolment Management Service Partners 

Emma Yellowbird
Craig Weston

Student Recruitment Service Partner

Sarah Peterson


Kayleigh Oliver
Hailee Mann
Christina Kushka
Vincent Pham