SSC Faculty and Students Presenting at the AAR/SBL and CCPA Conferences

Congratulations to the many faculty and students of St. Stephen’s College who collectively are delivering eleven conference presentations this month!

Pacific Northwest AAR/SBL Regional Meeting
conference-news---aar-sblThis coming weekend, four St. Stephen’s faculty and students will present at the 2021 Pacific Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. The full program is available online. This year’s meeting will be held from May 21–23, 2021 and is hosted online by St. Joseph’s College, at the University of Alberta. Presenters from St. Stephen’s include:

  • Rev. Dr. Dave Fekete is presenting in the Arts and Religion section. His paper is titled, “Eco-Justice and the Nature God Who Doesn’t Resurrect: Sir James Frazer, Jessie Weston, and the Poetry of T. S. Eliot.”

  • Dr. Zinia Pritchard is presenting a paper titled, “Differentiating the Dark Night from Depression within Palliative Care” in the Religion and Society section.

  • Principal and Dean, Dr. Fred Tappenden is presenting in the New Testament and the World of Early Christianity section. His paper is titled, “Sowing Interpretive Uncertainty: The Cognitive and Narrative Poetics of the Markan Parable of the Plantings.”

  • St. Stephen’s doctoral student Laura Lee Nimilowich is presenting a paper titled, “Whitehead and Levinas: A Conversation about Decolonization,” in the Theology and Philosophy section.

conference-news---ccpaCCPA Annual Meeting
Earlier this month, four St. Stephen’s faculty members presented at the CCPA 2021 Virtual Conference. The full list of speakers is available online. This year’s meeting ran May 13–15, 2021. Further conference information is available at the CCPA website. Presenters from St. Stephen’s include:

  • Dr. Lorraine Smith-MacDonald participated in four presentations on a range of topics in Trauma and Spirituality, including: “Hidden Wounds: Identifying and Treating Moral Injury to Enable Post-Traumatic Growth,” “Using Digital Health in Trauma-Affected Populations: What do we Know, and What do we need to Know?,” “Spirituality in Counselling: A Panel Session,” and “Holistic Therapeutic Retreats as Treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.”

  • Dr. Mary Norton co-hosted a pre-conference workshop titled, “Time for Serious Play: An Experience of Expressive Arts to Step Back from Challenges and to Imagine Possibilities.”

  • Cayley McConaghy gave a paper titled, “The Intersection of Neuroscience and Art: Regulating the Nervous System using Creative Arts Therapy Interventions.”

  • Former MPS Co-Chair, Dr. Micheala Slipp gave a presentation titled, “Video-Conferencing Clinical Supervision of Rural, Remote and Northern Counsellors to Mitigate Compassion Fatigue.”