Indigenous Art Exhibit at SJC

St. Stephen’s College is pleased to co-sponsor together with St. Joseph’s College and the UAlberta Interfaith Chaplains’ Association to present the art of Ovide Bighetty, from the 17 prints of the Creator’s Sacrifice Collection. Ovide Bighetty was an Indigenous artist from Pukatawagan First Nation (`Fishing Place’ in Cree) on the Canadian Shield of Northern Manitoba. In the Woodlands Cree style, Bighetty explores Christian themes. This display will help all focus on our roles in Reconciliation, and will be on display leading up to this summer’s papal visit and the Lac St. Anne pilgrimage.

The 17 prints of this collection will be on display in the St. Joseph’s College foyer and Board room for all to enjoy, from July 6 - August 1.

Location of Art Exhibit:
St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta
11325 89 Avenue NW

Dates to View the Art Exhibit:
July 6 - August 1, 2022

Please watch the SJC webpage for more details about events surrounding the exhibit.

pêhowak iskwêwak; The Women Wait; « L’attente des femmes »


From ‘Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin – The Creator’s Sacrifice’,
Ovide Bighetty, 2002; Copyright with Indian Metis Christian Fellowship

Matthew 27: 57-60; Mark 15: 42-47; Luke 23: 50-56; John 19: 38-42

This art is on generous loan from the Northern Alberta Diaconal Conference of the Christian Reformed Church.