Book Launch: Bellous and Clark, Thick Listening at Thin Moments


Please join us at 11.00am on Tuesday, May 30 for a discussion and Q&A with Dr. Joyce Bellous and Dr. Margaret Clark, authors of Thick Listening at Thin Moments: Theoretical Groundwork in Spiritual Care Practice (Tall Pine Press, 2022).  Dr. Leslie Gardner will join Dr. Bellous and Dr. Clark, as the three jointly reflect on this new volume and consider its contributions.

This event will be held online via Zoom (see registration details below).

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View the Event Poster here. This event is co-sponsored by St. Stephen’s College and the Alberta Consortium for Supervised Psychospiritual Education.

About the Book:

Clark and Bellous provide a theoretical landscape for spiritual care practitioners. The book includes perspectives on human spirituality, worldview development, the concept of faith and an approach to encountering otherness that allows practitioners to come alongside people through the complex competency of thick listening at thin moments. Coming alongside is possible due to embodied social engagement that every person can rely on for connecting well with others. Throughout the book, they urge readers to reflect intentionally and mindfully on personal and social implications of caring for the human spirit.

While the book focuses on theory, it is rich with scenarios that demonstrate ideas conveyed in each chapter. Its theoretical groundwork is balanced by comprehensive descriptions of clinical implications for spiritual care practice based on theories presented throughout its pages. It will be a welcome manual for chaplains, pastors and spiritual caregivers in any context.

The book is available for purchase through Tall Pine Press and Amazon.

About the Authors and Discussant:

Joyce Bellous (PhD) is a university professor, transformational educator, leader, consultant, mentor, social interaction theorist, and international speaker.  She has expertise in analyzing human systems and encouraging productive involvement in them.  Her primary research interest is human spirituality.

Margaret Clark (DMin) is a Certified Supervisor-Educator in Spiritual Care (CPE) within the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care/Associations canadiénne de soins spirituels (CASC/ASCC).  Her lifetime CPE activities span parish, healthcare, and academic settings in the United States and Canada.

Leslie Gardner (PhD) is an Associate Faculty member at St. Stephen’s College, serving on the Doctor of Ministry Program Committee and teaching the College’s “Inquiry, Research and Evaluation” course.  She has over twenty years of experience in program evaluation, assisting public sector and voluntary organizations in process, and outcome evaluation.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023
11.00am–12:30pm (Mountain Time)
Cost: Free

Online via Zoom (registration is required)

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