Clinical Transplantation journal publishes Kidney Research Paper

22 July 2019

Research Team Photo

Congratulations to Dr. Ron Moore's kidney transplantation research team on the publication in Clinical Transplantation of "Does Intra-Operative Verapamil administration in Kidney Transplantation Improve Graft Function"
Gupta N, Caldas M, Sharma N, Bidnur S, Ghosh S, Todd GT, Moore RB

Photo (Left to right) Drs Alejandro Majerson, Nidhi Gupta, Ron Moore, Nitin Sharma.

Impact Statement:

Calcium channel blockers (CCBs) have been found beneficial in prevention of acute tubular necrosis immediately post-renal transplant and in prevention of calcineurin inhibitor induced nephrotoxicity. Verapamil (CCB) treatment at reperfusion may prevent ischemic injury and also remain in the tissue to prevent reperfusion injury. To date, there is not much clinical information available on its use and especially with living donor kidneys. In the study we performed analysis of a large cohort receiving or not receiving verapamil in renal transplants and assessed graft function in the early post-operative period.

Group Goals:

The research done in the Moore's laboratory is translational in nature and focuses on investigating new therapies for the treatment of genital urinary (GU) malignancies; kidney, bladder and prostate cancer. Furthermore, as a transplant surgeon our groups is interested in clinical outcomes and modifiable factors in renal transplantation. With our transplant fellows and colleagues we are analyzing the modifiable transplant parameters (like life port pump, CCBs and older donors).