Acrobat Courses

Adobe Acrobat allows users to easily create and share universally accessible pdf documents, fillable forms and more. We offer hands-on courses for all levels beginner to advanced.


Courses include real-time support from a facilitator, small groups, hands-on training and support available for six months after the course. Multiple courses are available throughout the year. Registration at least 15 business days in advance is recommended.

Acrobat Level 1

In this one-day course, learn how to make your documents universally accessible using Acrobat. In this course you will learn how to create a PDF file from documents created in a variety of different software programs, how to navigate a PDF file as well as the Acrobat interface, how to modify and edit PDF files, how to create links and bookmarks in PDF files and how to create a simple slideshow/presentation.

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and proficiency in Windows.

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Acrobat Level 2

In this one-day course, you will further develop your Acrobat skills by learning how to set security on your PDF files to control who can access your documents and control what they are able to do with them, create simple form fields for PDF documents and learn how to use the comment and review tools.

Prerequisites: Acrobat Level I or equivalent knowledge / experience.

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