We offer training for all apps in Google Suite, suitable for users of all levels.

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Learn about the unique features that make Gmail stand out from other email clients in our three-hour workshop. Recommended for users of all levels!

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Keep organized, communicate and stay on top of all your to-dos with Google Calendar.

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Drive and Team Drive

Still sharing files by attaching them to emails or manually uploading and downloading them from a network drive every time you make a change? Learn how Google Drive can help you save hours of time and confusion with online storage and version tracking!

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Create, edit, share and comment on documents instantly with Google Docs, an online word processor.

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Google Sheets allows you to easily create and share spreadsheets with others from one place. No more tedious uploading a sheet each time there's a change, or trying to keep track of who changed what when! Learn best practices for working in a shared spreadsheet in our 1/2 day class.

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Create and edit presentations collaboratively wherever you go using Google Slides!

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Learn how to easily collect and manage data using Google Forms and Sheets in our 1/2 day class.

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Contacts, Chat and Keep

Learn how to use Contacts, Chat and Keep in conjunction with Gmail and other Google apps to communicate, research and record more efficiently.

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Learn the basic components of Google Sites and build an intranet for document sharing in our fun, hands-on half day class.

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