Microsoft Excel Training

Hands-on training to make data work for you

Excel is more than spreadsheets and graphics — with the right knowledge, it can make your work much more efficient. Make the most out of this data analysis and visualization tool with a full suite of live online courses that go from the basics, to advanced functions like VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros, dashboards and statistical analysis.

Change the way you analyze complex data and develop advanced skills that will give you an advantage in many fields of work.

Courses include real-time support from a facilitator, small groups, hands-on training and support available for six months after the course. Multiple courses are available throughout the year. Registration at least 15 business days in advance is recommended.

Starting at $245

Featured Courses

Excel Levels 1 and 2

These one-day courses are for users with a all levels of Excel skills. Learn the basics in Level 1, or expand your skills with Level 2 »

Level 1

New user? Start here. Learn how to create, save, open and close files, enter data, and complete basic edits using insert, delete, move and copy functions. Become familiar with row, column and cell formatting features, enhancing page layouts and simple formula creation concepts including the use of built-in functions. Fee: 245

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and knowledge of Windows

Excel Data List Management

This one-day course is an introduction to Excel features and functions by learning how to add, edit, search for, and delete records in a data list using a form. Other topics covered include how to sort data in a data list, creating and working with text to columns, using various database functions to summarize data, and creating and working with pivot tables and pivot charts. Fee: $245

Prerequisites: Excel Level 1 or a good working knowledge of Excel | Extensive knowledge of Excel, especially the use of named ranges

Statistical Analysis Using Excel

In this one-day course, students will get an introduction to descriptive and uni-variate inferential statistical procedures used commonly in social science research and will focus on the application of these procedures in the spreadsheet environment of Excel. Three different aspects of statistical reasoning will be emphasized:

  1. Ccomputational formulas and assumptions
  2. Spreadsheet applications using Excel
  3. Appropriate uses of these statistics.

Topics will include descriptive summary statistics, correlation, regression, t-tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA). Fee: $365

Prerequisites: Excel Level 1 or a good working knowledge of Excel | Extensive knowledge of Excel, especially the use of named ranges

Other Excel Courses

Excel Spreadsheet Analysis

Analyze spreadsheet data like an expert. In this one-day course, learn about using goal seek, creating and managing what-if scenarios, and using auditing concepts such as tracing, evaluating formulas and watch window. Fee: $245

Prerequisites: Excel Level 1 or a good working knowledge of Excel

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Excel VBA

In this 2-day course, learn the key concepts to build custom solutions with Excel VBA Macros. Become familiar with basic macro techniques for recording, writing, running and maintaining a macro. Particular attention is paid to the design and layout of a user form and controls in order to create a customized dialog box to simplify data entry, as well as learning to enhance source code with variables, constants, and logical operators. Fee: $495

Prerequisites: Excel Level 2 or extensive knowledge of Excel, especially the use of named ranges

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Excel Dashboards

An introduction to Dashboards in Excel. In this 2-day course, apply tools and skills in Excel charting, Pivot Tables, interactive controls and simple macros to build dashboards that will allow you to automate tasks and create functional data visualization tools. Fee: $245


  • Good understanding of Windows and Microsoft software
  • Intermediate Excel skills
  • Basic Knowledge of Pivot tables
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Excel PowerPivot

Learn how to use PowerPivot, a free Excel add-on, to analyze large data sets in this new one-day course! You can use PowerPivot to set up and analyze relationships using data from various sources, including Excel, Access, .csv and other text based formats, filtering using SQL Assistant, DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) functions and more. Fee: $295


  • Good understanding of Windows and Microsoft software
  • Basic knowledge of pivot tables
  • Intermediate Excel skills
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