Custom/Group Training

Corporate Training

The Technology Training Centre offers computer training to multiple clients within the city of Edmonton, its surrounding area and throughout the province. Our clients range from large businesses with dedicated daily training to smaller ones with on-site training once a month. No matter the size of your business we are able to provide custom training and offer group rates on all of our public courses. The TTC has 2 portable computer labs that allow us to bring the training to any location. We also offer courses over distance delivery that can save on travel expenses.

Custom Training

We understand that everyone may not need our standard courses and are willing to work with clients to identify and understand their specific needs and goals. We then together create a customized learning solution addressing budgets, schedules, and different learning styles.

Consulting Team

The Technology Training Centre's consulting services team was created by request from our clients to help them in their projects. We have project management experts on the team that will help from identifying what the concerns and challenges are, potential costs, work with teams to create solutions and set goals and measurements to ensure that successful completion is achieved. As part of the University of Alberta, the Technology Training Centre has extensive resources and experience to draw from for helping with unique projects.