Google Forms

This course will cover all aspects of creating and using Google Forms. We will show you how to create forms, apply templates, share forms, embed forms and display form results. We will then look at how forms interact with Google spreadsheets. We will conclude with a show-and-tell of some spreadsheet techniques from Google Spreadsheets Advanced to get the most out of form data. Such techniques include parsing strings of data from checklist questions, auto-summarizing data, re-arranging or displaying only portions of data, and creating summary cells that will auto-email you when certain circumstances occur with your collected data.

Why Google Forms?

Are you currently using a spreadsheet to track information sent to you by other people? How are you inputting this information into your spreadsheet? Do they email it you and you copy-paste? That is a lot of redundant work. Do you have people enter the info themselves into a shared spreadsheet? This is a real issue because people can easily mess up your spreadsheet or incorrectly enter the information. Solution: Google Forms. You can create custom forms with all different types of data entry: text, multiple choice, drop-down menu, check boxes, scale, grid. The form can be embedded into an email, embedded into a webpage, or simply sent to people as a link. When a form is filled out the data can be automatically entered into a spreadsheet. The time savings are instant and everyone is happier!

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Course Details


  • Basic computer skills

Duration: 1/2 day

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