Academic Leaders Task Group

One key objective of U of A for Tomorrow is refocusing academic faculty members towards the core mission of teaching and research. The U of A will achieve this by:

  1. Reducing the amount of time that faculty members in academic leadership roles spend on administering services.
  2. Reducing the number of academic administrators.

The colleges provide a unique opportunity to reduce the administrative load of a significant number of faculty members and thereby enhance the faculty’s research and teaching capacity. The university must also achieve this objective sustainably.

The Academic Leaders Task Group (ALTG) is undertaking a review of academic leadership roles in the context of the U of A’s new academic structure. By the end of September 2021, the task group will make recommendations on how to best deploy this most critical resource: our professors. This includes the number, location and responsibilities of these academic leaders at the department, faculty, college and institutional levels.

The task group’s core objective is to ensure strong, strategic and effective leadership with the minimal number of professors and a harmonization of roles, service levels and functions (recognizing that there are unique aspects in every discipline that must be considered).

ALTG Terms of Reference Update on the Academic Leaders Task Group 

ALTG Membership

  • Provost (Chair) — Steve Dew
  • VP (Research & Innovation) — Aminah Robinson 
  • 1 College Dean — Greta Cummings
  • 2 Faculty Deans — Steve Patten, Simaan AbouRizk
  • Dean, FGSR — Brooke Milne
  • 1 Chair — Narmin Kassam (Department of Medicine) 
  • 1 Associate Dean (Research) — David Bressler (ALES)
  • 2 Associate Deans (Graduate) — Doug Gleddie (Education), Dianne Tapp (Nursing)*
  • 1 Associate Chair (Undergraduate) — Jaymie Heilman (History and Classics)
  • 1 Associate Chair (Graduate) — Michael Serpe (Chemistry)
  • 1 College General Manager — Julie Naylor (Natural and Applied Sciences) 
  • 1 Faculty General Manager — Yvonne Norton (Education) 
  • Students’ Union President — Rowan Ley 
  • Graduate Students’ Association President — Anas Fassih

*1 representative from each of a departmentalized and non-departmentalized faculty