EHS offers a variety of online and classroom-based training programs for U of A staff and students. There is no charge for any online program for current U of A personnel. For all others, please contact us for pricing and access information. Questions about EHS training? Review this FAQ document or contact

What do I need to do before I start work?

1. Take the training

To determine your EHS training needs:

1. Together with your supervisor, conduct a hazard assessment of your work activities.

2. Based on the hazards you've identified (and associated regulatory requirements), complete the appropriate EHS training and document the training. You must complete training BEFORE starting work, so be sure to give yourself enough time. You may require safety training that is not offered by EHS; contact other training providers to schedule your course. 

3. Need training where no course exists?

  • Together with your supervisor, determine what skills/competencies you require for your role
  • Find a person to describe and demonstrate those competencies
  • Practice the skill/competency regularly until you and your supervisor feel comfortable
  • Demonstrate and document the skill/competency as described below
2. Demonstrate competency

Before you start work, you must be able to demonstrate competency in your new skill. It is your supervisor's responsibility to ensure (and document) that you've 1) completed the online or classroom training, 2) practiced the skill while supervised, and 3) can demonstrate the skill without assistance.

Have questions about establishing competency? Ask EHS.

3. Print your certificate

For most courses, you can print your own certificate after you complete all assignments and assessments.

NEW: Returning to Campus - COVID-19

Complete this training prior to returning to campus. If you are already working on campus, review the necessary safety protocols to protect you, your colleagues, and your family. 

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