Office of the Vice-President (Research and Innovation)

About Us

The Office of Vice-President (Research and Innovation) supports and advances the University's large and complex research and innovation enterprise. We work closely with other UAlberta portfolios, with external partners and stakeholders, and provide leadership, guidance and various research related services:

  • Grant/funding administration, oversight and writing support
  • Administer internal research awards and funding
  • Liaise with funding agencies and government
  • Build research collaborations and promote industry partnerships
  • Facilitate innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer
  • Promote the university's research and its resulting outcomes and benefits

Portfolio Overview

Our portfolio supports UAlberta's research community and helps ensure that faculty, staff, students, postdoctoral fellow, and academic visitors involved in research, partnership and innovation activities adhere to the highest operational, financial, legal, ethical, and safety standards. We also develop and administer policies to ensure regulatory compliance.

Research Services Office

Serves and supports UAlberta's researchers, faculties as well as centres and institutes by identifying potential funding, facilitating funding applications and providing grant/funding administration, guidance and oversight.

Research Ethics Office

Oversees and supports research ethics review and approval for research involving human participants, as well as research, teaching and testing involving animals. Research ethics focuses on the research participants rather than those conducting the research.

Grant Assist Program

Provides grant application support to UAlberta's research community in the following areas: health sciences, natural sciences and engineering and social sciences and humanities. The end goal of GAP is to help researchers improve their funding success via application preparation and support.

TEC Edmonton

A business incubator that helps UAlberta researchers and community entrepreneurs in the capital region commercialize new technologies and inventions, and grow viable start-up businesses. TEC Edmonton is a non-profit joint venture between UAlberta and the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows are valued members of the UAlberta community who are undergoing advanced training. The Postdoctoral Fellows Office provides many resources to welcome postdocs to campus and to support their research training and professional development while at UAlberta.

Field Research Office

Supports field research activities across the university via information, tools, training and resources to ensure researchers are compliant with university policy and stay safe while conducting field research activities. The office reports to Finance and Administration.