Filip Martin Svibovec

Filip Martin Svibovec

Filip Martin Svibovec, PhD Candidate in Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Croatia

I've always been a philosopher and felt like a philosopher, for me philosophy is a somewhat unique journey into life's mysteries. I first completed my BA in the field of Philosophy and Religious sciences at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus, Zagreb Croatia (2013), my interest expanded to the fields of Philosophy and Theology. I graduated in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus, Zagreb Croatia (2015), and then, in Theology at the Philosophical-theological Institute of the Society of Jesus, Zagreb, Croatia (2016) which is affiliated with the Pontifica Universita Gregoriana in Rome, Italy. In the meantime, I also received a diploma in Psychological, pedagogical, didactic, and methodical education. After graduations, I've decided to enroll in the doctoral program in the field of Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb in 2016.

My interests include the understanding of Religions (which is what the study of religious sciences is all about), Post Modernity (transhumanism, bioethics), Metaphysics, Ontology, Cosmology (temporality, eternity, time, history), Russian Philosophy, Christian Theology (in all its fields) and Education.

Since I am interested in a large variety of topics and research areas, in my PhD thesis I would like to synthesis all my research areas into one and therefore offer an insight on how we view eternity. In that regard, during my PhD research I fell in love with Russian philosophy, and Russian thought, especially Berdyaev, whose philosophy is in the centre of my PhD thesis. In my PhD thesis "The Aspects of the Concept of Time in the Philosophy of Nikolai Berdyaev" I would like to explore the eternity as an aspect of time, and the impact of eternity on reality and the daily life on man.

Besides studying and researching, my work life is also quite colorful. I've done lectures in Philosophy, and Theology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus, worked as a journalist, secondary school professor of religious education, and held various workshops for teenagers and adults.

I am always open to exploring new horizons of thought be it philosophy, theology, religion or any other related field.


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