C LIT 299

C LIT 299: Science in Comics

Fall 2021

Instructor: Bettina Egger

T, R 9:30 - 10:50

Location: TBD

Course Description, Objectives and Expected Learning Outcomes:

This course is an introduction to science in non-fiction comics and comics-based research, with a focus on major works and present-day examples. The course will be based on examples from international comics artists and engage topics such as the documentary form in comics, comics as a visual-verbal medium of knowledge transmission, different artistic practices of science comics, academic research in comics form (comics-based research), and comics as a tool for scientific communication. At least two professional comic artists will present their own practice of comics about science to the students. The students will also be invited to elaborate their own science comic in hands-on sessions.

At the end of the course, students will be able to analyse and comprehend different styles, aesthetics and narrative forms in non-fictional science comics and have basic skills in communicating scientific knowledge in the comics form.


Course Format:

The objectives of this course will be realized through a combination of assigned readings, lectures, class discussions, artists’ presentations, student presentations, audio-visual materials, hands-on sessions and a graphic research project.