Course restrictions

Before you register for courses in Bear Tracks, it is important to review the restrictions below.

In some cases, the exchange agreement between UAlberta and your home institution will specify which courses you can and cannot take.

If the exchange agreement does not specify, then you may be eligible to take any UAlberta course, although there are some exceptions and restrictions.


  • If your home institution has a student exchange agreement with only one UAlberta Faculty, then you can expect to take courses only within that Faculty.
  • There is no guarantee of registration in the courses you may want or need. Courses may be full, not offered every term, or you may not be eligible for certain courses. We recommend that incoming exchange students prepare a list of alternate courses to refer to if you first choice of course(s) is not available.
  • Course restrictions for all incoming exchange students

    Incoming exchange students will not be eligible for the following courses:

    • Any courses or programs described in Bear Tracks as being closed to exchange students

    Courses with non-standard fees or in programs with non-standard fees

    • Courses from the Faculties of Extension, Medicine & Dentistry (with the exception of courses in the Departments of Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Physiology), Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Rehabilitation Medicine

    • SOC 399

    • SOC 499

    • Honours Courses (numbered 480)

    • BUS 201

    • BUS 301

    • FIN 436

    • BUS 202

    • MGTSC 312

    • MIS 441

    • SMO 310

    • SMO 441

    • SMO 470

    • SMO 471

    • Independent research, internship, study tour, competition, work experience and Special Topic (numbered 488) courses in the Alberta School of Business

    • Incoming exchange students cannot take courses in the School of Library and Information Studies, at Yukon University or at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

    Alternate delivery sections of any UAlberta courses

    • Exchange students are not eligible to audit courses

    • Be realistic about your course selections. For example, if you are an undergraduate philosophy student who has successfully completed only one introductory-level music course at your home institution, please don’t think that you will be permitted to enroll in only advanced music courses while on exchange at UAlberta.

  • Faculty-specific course restrictions

    Some UAlberta Faculties have additional specifications that you must meet in order to be eligible for certain courses:

    • Courses with codes beginning with "AU" are restricted to students studying at the Augustana Campus in Camrose, Alberta which is a town about 100 km south of Edmonton.

    • Courses in the Faculty of Engineering are restricted to exchange students enrolled in that Faculty

    • In order to be eligible for courses in the Faculty of Engineering, you must present a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4-point scale) and have completed four semesters in an engineering program prior to your UAlberta exchange.

    • Courses in the Faculty of Law are restricted to exchange students enrolled in that Faculty

    • Courses in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation are restricted to exchange students enrolled in that Faculty

    Courses in our Alberta School of Business are restricted to exchange students enrolled in that Faculty

    • Students need a cumulative GPA of 2.8 (on a 4 point scale) and had to have completed 4 semesters in an undergraduate business program by the time the exchange program starts for consideration as exchange students to the Alberta School of Business. In addition, all students must demonstrate having completed micro and macroeconomics coursework and additional courses may be required depending upon course work sought while on exchange


  • Graduate student restrictions

    Graduate students can take courses or conduct research while on exchange, but not both. Graduate students wishing to conduct research must find a UAlberta host supervisor a before they submitting an exchange application.

    • The majority of courses should be taken within your Department of enrollment.

    • Graduate students may take a maximum of 9 credits of courses (typically 3 courses) per term.

    • Graduate students are not eligible to to enroll in undergraduate-level courses.

  • Undergraduate student restrictions

    • Undergraduate students are not eligible to enroll in graduate-level courses (usually numbered 500 or higher).

    The majority of courses you take should be within your Faculty of enrollment.

    • Undergraduate students can only take courses while on exchange, and are not eligible to conduct research.

    • Undergraduate students may take a maximum of 15 credits of courses (typically 5 courses) per term.