Course restrictions

Before you complete the course list in your application or register for courses in Bear Tracks, it is important to review the restrictions below.

Unless the student exchange agreement with your home institution specifies otherwise, you can take any courses you wish with the following exceptions:

  1. Undergraduate students cannot take courses at the graduate level (usually numbered 500 or higher)
  2. Graduate students cannot take courses at the undergraduate level (usually numbered less than 500)
  3. Any courses described in Bear Tracks as being closed to exchange students or being restricted to only certain categories or groups of UAlberta students. 
    • Exceptions include PLAN courses (which would indeed be open to exchange students)
  4. Courses with non-standard fees
  5. Alternate delivery sections of any UAlberta courses
  6. Courses from the Faculties of Medicine & Dentistry (with the exception of courses in the Departments of Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Physiology), Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Rehabilitation Medicine.
  7. Courses at the School of Library and Information Studies, Yukon University, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, and in the Faculty of Education's English Language School.
  8. Courses for field schools, work placements, or practica.
  9. BTM 441, BUS 101, BUS 201, BUS 301, FIN 430, FIN 436, FIN 440, MGTSC 312, SEM 310, SEM 441, SEM 470, and SEM 471, independent research, internship, study tour, competition, work experience, Honours (numbered 480) and Special Topic (numbered 488) courses in the Alberta School of Business.
  10. REN R 301, 401-405, 501, 603-605, and 900+ courses in the Department of Renewable Resources.
  11. SOC 399 and SOC 499 in the Department of Sociology.
  12. SPH 603 in the School of Public Health.