Programs and Courses

UAlberta offers 200+ undergraduate programs and 500+ graduate programs across 18 Faculties.

When you apply

You will need to include a list of courses that you wish to take when you complete your exchange application.

After you are admitted

After you have been officially admitted to UAlberta as an exchange student, it is your responsibility to register in courses and build your course schedule using Bear Tracks.


  • Check the list of course restrictions for exchange students before you select your courses.

  • Course listings and schedules for the upcoming school year are typically updated in March or April of the previous school year.

  • Generally, a 3-credit course provides 39 hours total lecture time. 3-credit courses are offered at three hours per week over a 13 week term.

  • Courses in some UAlberta departments are in extremely high demand and often fill up quickly. It is unlikely that you will be able to take many courses, if any at all, in our Departments of Computing Science, Drama, Economics, and (with the exception of History of Art, Design and Visual Culture - HADVC - courses and ART 134 and DES 135) Art and Design.

  • You can only register for courses once you have been officially admitted to the University of Alberta and you are advised to register in courses as soon as you are admitted since some UAlberta courses can fill up quickly!

  • You are strongly urged to bring a hard copy of your latest official transcript from your home institution with you to UAlberta. You may need it if you have to change your course selections at the start of your exchange.


  • Official grades are usually ready by early February for Fall Term courses and in the middle of June for Winter Term and Academic Year courses.

  • UAlberta transcripts are not automatically mailed after the completion of a student's exchange. You must order transcripts on Bear Tracks before you return home.